Video tip: How to preflight your ForeFlight app on iPad

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The iPad is one of the most reliable pieces of electronics on the market today, but it still requires careful attention before each flight to ensure that both the hardware and aviation apps are ready to go. Join ForeFlight’s Angela Anderson as she gives an in-depth look at the steps you should take while on the ground to verify you have all the necessary data installed and accessible on your iPad.

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  1. Doug Stacey
    Doug Stacey says:

    The person speaking on this video is hard to listen to. She stops speaking, then starts speaking, then stops again. It is a disjointed presentation. I would recommend someone who can speak fluently and finish a complete sentence.

  2. Kenneth B Brown
    Kenneth B Brown says:

    Please do a script that someone can read easily and without the halted speaking method. Material was good, verbal presentation need work. Practice the script before filming. the presenter speaks clearly and easy to understand with good volume, and diction.

  3. Peer Voss
    Peer Voss says:

    You guys are too friendly. Somebody needs to tell her to get some training before talking in public.

  4. Don Sutherland
    Don Sutherland says:

    Good information. I have been working to integrate the new electronics into my VFR and IFR flying (GPS, ADS-B , i-Pad, ForeFlight, Stratus, etc.). Appreciate the checklist and ideas.

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