Video: how to use SXAR1 and Stratus in the cockpit


There have never been more options for receiving and displaying in-flight weather on your iPad, including both SiriusXM (satellite-based and subscriptions) and ADS-B (ground-based and subscription-free). In a recent webinar, Sporty’s John Zimmerman and ForeFlight’s Scott Dennstaedt reviewed the most popular weather receivers for ForeFlight and shared dozens of tips for making safer in-flight weather decisions. The hour-long video also includes five real world scenarios that show datalink weather in action. Watch the full webinar recording below.

For more tips about Stratus and SXAR1, click here.


  1. Can you connect a Garmin Flight Stream 210 for ADS-B traffic information and a SiriusXM SXAR1 for weather information – both via Bluetooth – to an iPad with the Foreflight app at the same time?

  2. The vacuum cup holding my Stratus 2 lost suction during flight. I remounted but the virtual attitude indicator on ForFlight indicated I was inverted, I also noticed this when I booted my Stratus inflight. Is there a means of booting Stratus 2 inflight and have normal attitude indication as if it were booted on the ground?

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