10 things every iPad pilot should know – latest webinar recording

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The aviation landscape around the iPad is constantly changing as new iPad models, app updates and accessories are being introduced, helping to improve the in-flight digital experience for pilots. Bret Koebbe, editor of iPad Pilot News and flight instructor at Sporty’s Pilot Shop, recently presented a webinar on 10 things every iPad pilot should know to help pilots stay up with the latest on everything iPad in aviation. The webinar covered EFB legal considerations, connected cockpit strategies, iPad flight planning techniques, advanced ForeFlight tips, iPad gotchas and much more. Check out the full video recording here:

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  1. Jerry Collier Commercial,Instrument Multi
    Jerry Collier Commercial,Instrument Multi says:

    Recently on a flight from Chandler Field Phoenix area to Brackett Field in the Los Angeles Basin while using ATC flight following and using ADS-B out from a Garmin GTX330 transponder modified for ADS-B and; ADS-B in from a Stratus II; I noted no traffic in my immediate area throughout the segment from Buckeye to Palm Springs VOR’s about 6:00 PM PDT. I had the “Traffic” button on and the “Hide Distant Traffic” button selected, After passing Blyth ATC gave me a traffic advisory that a flight of 3 C130A were approaching at 12 o’clock at an altitude 11000 feet. I was flying VFR at 10500. After being advised I pick up the 3 targets as small black dots on the horizon. I notified ATC I had a visual on the C130 traffic and kept a visual on the traffic until the C130’s passed 500 feet above my aircraft. The sight was amazing and I was very thankful I was using the ATC system for traffic avoidance. During the approach and passing of the military C130’s I had no targets on my ForeFlight or audible warning of approaching traffic. I was receiving good ADS-B signal off one antenna including national weather radar. I am concerned that I was not receiving traffic information within my airplane puck. I am aware the military may not be using ADS-B but wouldn’t they be transmitting MODE C to ground control who apparently was seeing the flight of 3 C130’s on their scopes. I realize I should turn off the “Hide Distant Traffic” button when outside a congested air traffic area and turn on “Hide Distant Traffic” when in high traffic area IE Los Angeles Basin.This may be a good hint for iPad users using ADS-B for traffic awareness. Another suggestion always use Flight Following in and around MOA’s and military active areas when VFR.

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