Advanced iPad Flying webinar video recording

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Sporty’s recently presented a webinar covering topics related to advanced iPad flying. The presentation covered iPad preflight, an iPad legal briefing, ForeFlight tips, iPad accessories and how to become an iPad power user. You can watch the full video recording of the webinar here:

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  1. Joseph white
    Joseph white says:


    I do enjoy the Sporty’s webinars. One key point that never gets mentioned is the fact that Foreflight and Stratus 2 are “Locked” technologies,they only work with one another.

    I think Foreflight and Stratus 2 are great products but, there is no way i would spend $899 on a Status 2 and not be able to use it with other Apps like Xavion, WingX,FlyQ and the many other great apps out there that could utilize ADS-B / GPS / AHRS information.

    Clarity SV, and Levil can do everything the Stratus can do and they work with many different apps on the market.



  2. bruce kreis
    bruce kreis says:

    It would be valuable for you to also cover the other contender for first place for iPad aviation apps, the Garmin app with the GDL -39 ADS-B antennae. Tips and tricks, features, differences form fore flight, etc..

  3. Ron Cheney
    Ron Cheney says:

    Won’t ever consider any application that is “locked” for purchase. Must be open connected for use with multiple applications. Hate these bozos that think they are the only ones to use. Hope they go broke!

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