Most popular articles of 2013

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A year is an eternity in the fast-paced world of technology, and one look at the iPad proves the point. 2013 brought new hardware options, new apps, major upgrades to old apps and plenty of new accessories. As always there was a lot to learn. For new iPad Pilot News readers or for those looking to catch up, here is our list of the top 10 most popular articles from 2013:

10. New iPad Air: first impressions and mounting options. The slim and lightweight iPad Air brought the first significant change to the iPad’s size since the mini. We took it flying to see how it worked in the cockpit and to consider how to mount it. In the end, we found it to be a nice upgrade for pilots. Read Now

iPad mini in hand

The iPad mini is quickly becoming a favorite with pilots.

9. iPad frequently asked questions. A great resource for new iPad owners, this comprehensive list of questions and answers is essential reading for any iPad pilot. We updated it countless times throughout 2013 so it remains current and jargon-free. Read Now

8. Top 10 iPad apps for student pilots. More and more student pilots have adopted the iPad as an integral part of training. Beyond the big name apps, we offered a list of apps that can make the process of learning to fly easier and more enjoyable. Some are even free. Read Now

7. What you need to know about the iOS 7 upgrade. Apple released a huge update to its core operating system, iOS, and it caused more than a little confusion. We tried to cut through the hype to explain what iOS 7 is and what pilots should do. Read Now

6. Caring for your iPad battery. One of the unsung heroes of the iPad is the battery – in a slim case, the tablet packs in a huge battery that makes it easy to fly all day. In this helpful article, we explain how to maximize battery life and take care of this precious resource. Read Now

5. Navigation app showdown, round 2 – ForeFlight vs. WingX vs. Garmin. It’s the great debate – which app is the best? There’s not a single right answer for every pilot, but in this article we attempt to compare the big three apps side by side. Which is your favorite? Read Now

4. Top 12 iPad tips for pilots. Another must-read for new and experienced iPad pilots alike. These are the key facts and tricks to know so you get the most out of your iPad, from keeping your charts updated to using accessories. Read Now

3. Editors’ Choice: top apps for 2013. Every pilot is always looking for an exciting new app, so we’re constantly profiling interesting apps. In this recap, we choose some of our favorite apps for pilots (besides the big three navigation apps). Do you know all these? Read Now

2. Do I really need an external GPS? One of the first accessories most pilots consider for their iPad is an external GPS. But do you even need one? Do some iPads have a built-in GPS? Which GPS should you choose? We answer all the questions and offer some suggestions. Read Now

1. iPad memory management – how to free up storage space. Ever hit the button to download new charts and get an error message that you’re out of storage space? It can happen to anyone. In this helpful article, we explain how to do a Spring cleaning on your iPad. Read Now

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