Display flight instruments on your iPad with X-Plane or Flight Sim X

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Instrument panel apps for iPad allow you to free up screen real estate to better see outside the airplane.

Instrument panel apps for iPad allow you to free up screen real estate to better see outside the airplane.

Computer flight simulator programs are very popular in the aviation community, great for both refining flying skills in training airplanes and getting some stick time in the latest commercial jets. But unless you have multiple monitors or add instrument panel accessories, it can be difficult to see both out the front of the airplane and the instrument panel at the same time. Fortunately a few iPad app developers have come up with an inexpensive solution that allows you to wirelessly connect your iPad to either Microsoft FlightSim X or X-Plane and display real-time flight instruments on your iPad. Here are a few options.

RemoteFlight Cockpit HD

The RemoteFlight Cockpit HD app for iPad is available for under $12, and includes the 6 basic flight instruments. It works with both FSX and X-Plane, and provides a very smooth and fluid display of the flight instruments. You can also purchase additional flight instruments as in-app purchases, like aircraft-specific airspeed indicators. This company also offers several companion apps that allow you to display a moving map, radio stack or autopilot on your iPad or iPhone. Before using any of these apps you must download and install the free RemoteFlight server to allow your iPad to interface with the flight sim programs.

Avioware FSi C172 Cockpit
This iPad flight sim app displays the full instrument panel from a Cessna 172, and includes flight, engine and navigation instruments. There are 2 versions available: a free version of the FSi C172 app allows you to try out the app, but limits your use to 10 minutes. The paid version of the app is available for $14.99 and has no limitations. While the panel is a replica of a modern Cessna 172, it should be noted that it will function with any airplane you fly in the simulator programs. You’ll need to download the free FSi server program to interface the iPad with your computer and this app.
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