Garmin GLO GPS for iPad

Garmin introduces GLO GPS for iPad, iPhone and Android

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Garmin GLO GPS for iPad

The Garmin GLO is an all-new GPS made for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Garmin has been the undisputed leader in aviation GPS products for over a decade, and now they are joining the iPad revolution. Today the company unveiled GLO, a portable Bluetooth GPS made for mobile devices like the iPad and Android tablets. The tiny device is about the size of a deck of cards, and packs a 12-hour rechargeable battery inside, so the device can be operated completely wire-free. Simply turn it on and go flying.

One unique feature of the GLO (suggested by its name) is that it works with both the familiar GPS constellation and Russia’s GLONASS satellite system. This increases the number of available satellites, and Garmin claims it can decrease GPS lock-on time by up to 20%. The receiver also offers a 10Hz update rate (10 position updates per second), although many devices will limit this to a lower level.

Two models are available. The basic GLO includes the GPS and a USB cable for charging, and should be available in August. The GLO for Aviation package adds an aux power cable, anti-skid dash mount and a free 6-month trial of the Garmin Pilot app. This model should be shipping in the next few days.

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  1. Mike Garrison
    Mike Garrison says:

    Does Garmin have any plans to include weather info in the future of this device or a future device?

  2. Cc
    Cc says:

    Where I do most of my flying it gets hot between the wind screen and the glare shield. Anybody having trouble with these battery powered GPS and ADS-B units shutting down? I see that the GLD 39 can plug in but I can’t tell if it’s still running off its battery or on wired power.

    • Fred Phillips
      Fred Phillips says:

      I bought two garmin glo products for two airplanes and both get hot after five minutes and shut down on glare shield. On pedestal they seem to do fine.

  3. Frank
    Frank says:

    does the GLO specifically with ForeFlight? I’m intrigued by the GLD 39, and in alaska most of the part 135 drivers all have the “Capstone” devices installed, which i believe was the test bed for the ADS-B system, but am leary of it’s usefulness with the “out system” installed. All the write-ups says ForeFlight is more pilot friendly…undecided…any recommendations?

    • John Zimmerman
      John Zimmerman says:

      GPSs are universal, so the GLO works with the Garmin app, ForeFlight app, WingX, etc.

  4. Aaron O
    Aaron O says:

    just got the glo and used it this past weekend with my ipad using my navigation apps and it showed me all over the chart but not in the spot i was in can this be fixed.
    thanks for the help

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