Garmin releases GTN training app

Garmin GTN trainer app
Garmin's new app simulates the GTN 750.

Garmin’s new GTN series of panel avionics, the replacement for the legendary GNS 430/530,  has set a new standard for multifunction displays. The most notable feature is certainly the intuitive touch-screen interface. Garmin has been pro-active about training materials

Now you can use your iPad to learn everything there is to know about the GTN 650 and 750, with the recently-released GTN Trainer app. This interactive app lets you practice all the features of the real units, including loading flight plans, customizing the map page and viewing approach charts. Because both the GTNs and the iPad use a touch-screen interface, the simulation quality is pretty good. The app also includes some great references: the Pilot’s Guide and Cockpit Reference Guide.

The app is $24.99 and it does require an iPad 2.


  1. how stupid to have the gtn 650 750 app availible only for the i pad11 why not for the original i pad as well ?????????

    • Dale,

      I think it has to do with processing power–there’s so much going on in the app that it needs the faster processor of the iPad 2.


  2. If the trainer does everything the 650 and 750 do, and they would make this app read the GPS data… Just saying…

  3. Is there an iPad trainer for the Garmin GNS 430?
    This would be a great addition for the Mac family’s


  4. How do I download the GTN 650 app to my iPad I have been to lots of links that talk about it, but can’t seem to figure out how to do it , Help!

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