10 ways to use your iPad to save money on fuel

In addition to weather, today's iPad apps can also provide you with a wealth of data to assist in fuel planning. There are a lot of variables that come into play here, including winds aloft, airplane performance, airport service availability, and of course fuel prices. Here we're going to look at series of tips to help you use your iPad to make the most of this decision-making process and reduce your fuel expenses.

Garmin D2 Bravo watch adds deeper app integration

Smartwatches are one of the hottest accessories in the world of consumer electronics, and aviation is no exception. While the Apple Watch has garnered a lot of attention lately, GPS pioneer Garmin hasn't been sitting back and watching.

5 Garmin Pilot features you probably aren’t using

Like all electronic flight bag apps, Garmin Pilot has a lot of powerful features built in. But if you haven't spent the time to tap every button and try every menu, you probably haven't had a chance to use them all yet. Here are 5 lesser known features to check out the next time you use the Garmin Pilot app.

iPad Pilots: it’s time to update your digital charts

Get out your iPad and connect to WiFi - it's time to update your digital charts. The new cycle starts January 8 and will be valid for 28 - 56 days depending on chart type.

Tips for using Garmin Pilot with the VIRB camera

The Garmin VIRB is quickly becoming the preferred video camera among pilots, with its long battery life, color screen and built-in GPS. But one of the other nice features is its integration with Garmin's popular Pilot app, which allows you to control every feature of the VIRB remotely.

Garmin Connext links iPad with panel-mount avionics

Everyone wants to connect their iPad to their panel-mount avionics. This week, Garmin announced a way to do exactly that. Here's what's new, and what it means.

Garmin Pilot goes global with version 6.2

We've written before about the great strides Garmin has made with its Pilot app, but this has always been limited (like most major apps) to US pilots. That is changing with version 6.2 of Garmin Pilot - the app now provides worldwide flight planning, weather and navigation features.

6 new Garmin Pilot tips and tricks

Garmin Pilot has steadily improved over the past two years, to the point where it now offers many of the same features you would find in a fully-integrated glass cockpit. But like all apps, new features mean new things to learn, so here we offer six quick tips to help you take advantage of the latest tools.

Garmin unveils synthetic vision

Just last month we shared Garmin's latest hardware update, the GDL 39 3D, an ADS-B receiver that includes an Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) for backup attitude. Now the avionics giant has raised the bar, adding a stunning synthetic vision option to the app.

How much space do charts take on my iPad?

A common question we hear from pilots is what size iPad should I buy? Here we'll show you how much space it takes to store different chart options in ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot and WingX Pro to help you decide.

Garmin releases Garmin VIRB camera app

Garmin's companion app to the VIRB Elite camera is now available, and allows you to see a live video preview from the camera and remotely control the recording and settings from your iPad or iPhone.

App updates: latest from ForeFlight, Garmin, WingX and AOPA

The pace of app updates seems to have accelerated in recent months, with all the major app developers releasing new features since Oshkosh. In this article, we'll recap what's new in ForeFlight Mobile, Garmin Pilot, WingX Pro7 and AOPA FlyQ.