Digital chart fee proposal not yet finalized

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We’re keeping a close eye on the FAA’s move to start charging general aviation pilots for digital charts. Here’s the latest on the topic from NBAA:

The FAA intends to start charging for digital charts soon.

The FAA continues to work on a final proposal for recovering $5 million annually in digital navigation chart production costs. Following the original rollout date, which was yesterday, April 1, the agency is taking more time to gather data and verify costs before issuing a pricing plan and implementation schedule. Forced by budgetary constraints, the FAA will eventually begin collecting fees for use of its digital navigation products. Since the initial FAA meeting in December attended by vendors and industry groups, NBAA has worked with the agency to develop an affordable and transparent pricing system while ensuring the utmost safety in the distribution of navigation charts. Review NBAA’s December 2011 story about proposed FAA pricing for digital charts.


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