How do I mount the iPad in my airplane?

There are plenty of different mounts to choose from, but they aren't all universal. Which one is right for you? It depends a lot on the type of airplane you fly. Let's look at some examples.

Which iPad should I buy?

Choosing an iPad model can at first seem daunting when trying to sort through the various models and options. Here we'll break them down and show you what features and specs are best suited for pilots looking to use it in the cockpit.

iPad screen protector shootout – which one is best for pilots?

Dozens of companies offer iPad screen protectors. In this article, we compare the top two and pick our overall winner. Do they really work?

AvioFuel updates fuel loading app

AvioFuel is designed for turbine pilots to quickly determine how many pounds of fuel can safely be loaded on the airplane for each flight, and converts the amount to gallons per side for easy fuel ordering at the FBO. The app recently received a facelift during the latest update and we'll cover what's new here.

5 Garmin Pilot features you probably aren’t using

Like all electronic flight bag apps, Garmin Pilot has a lot of powerful features built in. But if you haven't spent the time to tap every button and try every menu, you probably haven't had a chance to use them all yet. Here are 5 lesser known features to check out the next time you use the Garmin Pilot app.

Pre-flight your iPad with this helpful checklist

It only takes a minute or two to preflight your iPad, and doing so ensures that it will be ready and fully functional. Here we've assembled a simple checklist for you to follow before each flight.

New FAA app designed for drone pilots

One of the hottest industries in the world right now is Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), often called drones. The FAA is working to help pilots in this segment with a new app called B4UFLY, designed to let users know if it is safe and legal to fly a a drone in their current or planned location.

Reviewing the satellite messengers for iPhone and iPad

While some pilots enjoy the peace and solitude of flying without a cell phone connection, others are increasingly interested in staying connected during long flights. Let's review the various types of satellite communicators available today for smartphones and tablets.

Weather Flying and the iPad video now available

The video recording of last week's Weather Flying and the iPad is now available for viewing. Join weather guru Scott Dennstaedt and Sporty’s John Zimmerman in this one hour presentation as they explore the ForeFlight app, the Stratus ADS-B receiver and how to use both for safer weather flying.

Flight Outfitters launches new line of iPad bags

A new company showed up at Sun 'n Fun this year, promoting a pair of clean sheet flight bag designs made specifically for pilots flying with the iPad. Flight Outfitters, a functional bag company...