iPad troubleshooting techniques for pilots

While the iPad has delivered excellent reliability since the day it came out, there are still a few issues that can pop up if you're not careful. Here we'll review potential problems and how to resolve them.

iPad Pro 12.9″ mounting options

Apple introduced its largest tablet ever last fall, the 12.9" iPad Pro. It's too big for most airplanes, but some pilots are flying with it. So how do you secure this large tablet in the cockpit?

iOS Update Green Light program: iOS 9.3.2

Apple recently released iOS 9.3.2 for iPhone and iPad, which focuses on under-the-hood bug fixes and performance updates. Several of the app developers and accessory manufacturers have reported back that their apps are fully compatible with iOS 9.3.2, with the reminder that the iOS update is not currently available for the 9.7" iPad Pro.

Black Box aviation app simplifies maintenance tracking

There is no shortage of pilot logbook apps available on the app store, but there aren't many options for maintaining aircraft times and records. A new app called Black Box Aviation aims to fill that void, allowing you to create maintenance records that are searchable, easily shared and securely backed up in the cloud.
CloudAhoy playback views

CloudAhoy adds more logging options, new playback features

CloudAhoy has found a lot of fans among general aviation pilots because of its powerful flight logging and debriefing tools. For anyone who wants to be more data-driven about reviewing training maneuvers, instrument approaches or aerobatics, the app is an invaluable. Over the past six months, the app has grown up a lot, with a focus on making it easier to review flights - no matter how you log them. Here's what's new.

Top 10 apps for pilots, non-EFB edition

The number of aviation apps continues to grow daily, with hundreds of options for flight training, weather briefings, games and so much more. Here we'll take a look at the top 10 non-EFB aviation apps we see pilots using most often.

ForeFlight enhances web flight planning application

Most pilots know ForeFlight as a full-featured aviation app for iPad and iPhone, but aren't aware that they also offer a web-based flight planning application. This was recently enhanced to provide full airport information as well, including weather reports and forecasts.
iPhone 6 RAM mount

How to mount your iPhone in the cockpit

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are finding a home in many cockpits, as pilots come to appreciate larger screens on these new phones. Regardless of how you use your iPhone, it's smart to secure it in the cockpit. Here are a few options from RAM that offer convenient ways to keep them stable.

Using ForeFlight with Garmin Flight Stream and Stratus

As these two products have become more common in general aviation cockpits, some pilots are considering flying with both. Will they both work on the same iPad? The answer is yes, but let's look at the details.

Takeoff app offers new approach to pilot proficiency

Sporty’s recently released an all new app for pilots, offering a curated selection of aviation content for viewing when on the go. The Takeoff app includes video tips, blog posts, podcasts, photos, and aviation news - all with the goal to make flying safer and more fun.