How to use visual track log reviews and alternate airport planning in ForeFlight 11.5

ForeFlight's rapid-fire update streak continued this week with yet another big release, delivering several new features that continue to push the app's capabilities. These include a new visual track log debrief tool, alternate airport advisor, runway selector, expanded European chart coverage and SkyEcho 2 FLARM traffic support.
Flight Outfitters iPad kneeboard

Kneeboard options for iPad Pro models

The latest generation of iPad Pro models from Apple are some of the most powerful tablets ever made, with desktop-class performance and vibrant screens. However, the gorgeous screens come with one minor footnote: their edge-to-edge design means not all kneeboards work well with them.

Garmin GTN Trainer updated with new navigation and weather features

Garmin's free GTN trainer was recently updated with the same new features found in the update for the actual panel-mount GPS system, including vertical navigation (VNAV), QWERTY keyboard, waypoint distance offset in the flight plan and new ADS-B weather products.

Appareo buys the Aerovie app and plans iOS app expansion

Appareo, the maker of the popular line of Stratus ADS-B receivers, announced they are buying Aerovie, the developer of a full-featured aviation EFB app. Learn what the deal means for pilots and what new features Aerovie customers can soon expect in the app.

Deep Weather app provides quick access to NWS forecast discussions

The Deep Weather app provides direct access to all the Area Forecast Discussion data for the entire U.S. This forecast represents the "Story behind the weather story," a glimpse behind the scenes of your local TAF, and provide lots of detail not found anywhere else.

5 quick Garmin Pilot tips

We often get asked, "If I have a panel full of Garmin, does that mean I should use Garmin Pilot for my EFB app?" There's no simple answe, but it's definitely worth a serious look. Here are some examples of the deep integration possible with a Flight Stream and Garmin panel-mount avionics (in this case a Garmin GTN 750 and G600 TXi glass panel).

Optimize battery life with this hidden iPad utility

Pilots tend to focus more on optimizing the iPad's battery life than the average iPad user, since this is critical to keeping the device functioning in the airplane over the course of a flight. Fortunately, there's a dedicated utility in the main iPad settings to help shed some light on which apps are using the most power, possibly while running in the background.

Apple announces iOS 13 and iPadOS – what pilots need to know

Apple announced the latest software updates for iPhone and iPad at their annual developer conference this week. Here's a look at the new features pilots will be most interested in and why they matter.

ADS-B weather adds new product, faster radar updates

One of the promises of ADS-B datalink weather (technically called FIS-B) was that it would improve over time, with new weather products and better performance coming out free of charge. Over the last month, tens of thousands of pilots flying with subscription-free ADS-B weather have seen even more new products appear. It doesn't require any new hardware, just an update to the latest version of ForeFlight. 

Electronic flight bag legal briefing for pilots – 2019 edition

Each year we publish a plain-language review of the FARs and Advisory Circulars pertaining to the use of iPads and electronic flight bags in the cockpit. This is great information for pilots looking to make the transition from paper charts to an iPad, but should also be reviewed by experienced iPad pilots as well.