Portable ADS-B receivers like the Stratus and GDL 39 have taken aviation by storm, with their free in-flight weather and portable size, but they simply aren’t an option for some pilots. That’s because there are sections of the US, especially in the mountain West, that have had poor or no coverage. Without nearby ground stations, ADS-B receivers aren’t worth much.

That’s starting to change, though, as the FAA works hard to fill in the gaps. The most recent update shows over two dozen new ground stations have been added, especially in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Colorado. Every state except Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Montana has fairly good coverage now. East of the Mississippi River, pilots can expect reception at 1000 ft. almost everywhere–on the ground at many airports in Florida. Likewise, the entire Pacific Coast up through California, Oregon and Washington has excellent coverage.

The full map is below (click for a larger image):



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