Do ADS-B receivers work internationally? A pilot report

Unquestionably the hottest iPad accessory over the past four years has been the ADS-B receiver. While US pilots have enjoyed these benefits for years, many pilots in Canada, Europe and elsewhere are wondering whether this technology works in other countries.

ForeFlight 7.4 adds new briefing tool, track log improvements

One of the reasons electronic flight bag apps have become so popular is that they eliminate common pain points for pilots. ForeFlight's latest update, version 7.4, continues this trend with a whole new approach to weather briefings.

How to use the ForeFlight Imagery tab for pre-flight weather briefings

Based on our completely unscientific surveys, most ForeFlight pilots use the Airports and Maps tabs most often. In particular, the Imagery tab deserves more attention than most pilots give it - after a recent redesign and expansion, it's more valuable than ever.

Essential ForeFlight video tips

To help pilots get the most of ForeFlight and learn how to use the latest features, Sporty’s offers a complete ForeFlight training course. Here are a few essential video tips, pulled from the Flying with ForeFlight course.

ForeFlight shows off new online flight planner

ForeFlight is known for producing aviation's top app for iPad and iPhone, so the company is often considered to be exclusively focused on iOS software. At the 2015 Sun 'n Fun Fly-in, they proved that to be an incomplete picture, with the introduction of ForeFlight Web, a powerful online flight planning tool.

iPad Pilots: it’s time to update your digital charts

Get out your iPad and connect to WiFi - it's time to update your digital charts. The new cycle starts January 8 and will be valid for 28 - 56 days depending on chart type.

ForeFlight introduces Synthetic Vision, new forecast tool

Synthetic vision, the 3D display of terrain and obstacles, has been a must-have feature for pilots of glass cockpit airplanes since it was first introduced a few years ago. That technology has been migrating to iPad apps as well, and now ForeFlight has joined the movement with version 6.6.

Get more out of ForeFlight with free training guides

ForeFlight is well-known within the the mobile app industry for providing excellent product support. Here we'll take a look at few of the lesser-known training guides included with the app and where to find them.

ForeFlight adds weight and balance and track logs

The latest update to ForeFlight adds a new track logging feature and weight and balance utility. These add some some useful preflight and postflight capabilities to an app that already excels at in-flight use.

How to organize your approach plates in ForeFlight

One of the best features of iPad apps like ForeFlight Mobile is how easy they make it to organize and update your instrument approach charts. But how do you keep all your charts organized? Here are some tips to help.

New ForeFlight video tips

Here we've gathered several new video tips from the updated version of Sporty's ForeFlight training course, showing pilots how to use the latest features in ForeFlight Mobile version 6.1.

Two new upgrades to ForeFlight

ForeFlight continues to surge ahead in the aviation market by continuously adding new innovative features. The latest upgrade allows you to view enhanced Stadium TFRs on the map page and adds geo-referenced approach plates for Canada.