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The first half of 2014 was the busiest yet for ForeFlight as the company rolled out lots of new, exciting and helpful features to its app for iPad pilots. To help pilots get the most of ForeFlight and learn how to use these new features, Sporty’s released a recent update to its ForeFlight training course. The latest version, available free to existing course customers, brings the training program up to date with the current ForeFlight version 6.1. The course is available in two formats, either as a dedicated iPad app or streaming online course.

Here we’ve pulled a few new video tips from the updated course to show how to use the new features in ForeFlight v6.1

Terrain Profile
Pack Downloads
Attitude Display
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  1. Andrew Edward Briseno
    Andrew Edward Briseno says:

    I have Foreflight with all the bells and whistles with the second generation external weather, attitude module and collision avoidance info. I have poked around the upgrade but when I see the terrain profile info I wonder if the program has a way of permitting a variation of altitude to avoid terrain and/or weather. For example, if I am flying from Imperial Airport in Southern California to Seattle Washington I need to go high to pass the “Joshua Tree Park/Antelope Valley” area then I can drop down into the Central Valley of California for hundreds of miles, then I have to climb over the Mount Shasta area and the Cascades in spots till I get to Seattle. Due to terrain and weather (possible icing at altitude in the winter) and winds aloft it often is helpful to vary altitude along the route of flight. I have not found the ability to easily enter varying altitudes into the flight plan. Does the software provide that ability? Please let us know. Thank you.

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