Plane English

Plane English adds IFR scenarios to communications training app

Last year we reviewed Plane English, an interesting app that used voice recognition to help pilots improve their VFR communication skills. We liked the interactive nature of this app, which means that pilots can get graded on simulated transmissions instead of just listening to recordings. Now there's a new option for IFR pilots.

iPad Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions about the iPad, from basics like the difference between WiFi and LTE models to advanced user tips. Add your own questions too.

Feature focus: Garmin Pilot’s emergency mode

There are certainly important differences in how features are implemented in different apps, but there haven't been many truly new app features over the past few years. One exception is Garmin's Emergency Mode. It's simple, but thoughtfully designed and very useful. Here's how to use it.

METAR Widgets app displays aviation weather on your home screen

A new app called METAR Widgets is one of the first aviation apps to offer new customizable iOS 14 widgets. This handy new feature allows you to display your favorite airport's METAR right on you iPad or iPhone's home screen.

7 iPad settings pilots should understand

The Settings app has evolved into a collection of hundreds of options, with multi-tier menus that can make it difficult to find what you're looking for. All these settings and configuration options are great for customizing everything to your liking, but at the end of the day there are really only a few settings you need to be concerned about when using the iPad as an EFB in the cockpit. Here's a quick rundown.

New iPhone 12 Gets Better Screen and LiDAR From iPad

In their yearly tradition, Apple has announced the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro during their fall release schedule. This new iPhone is yet another iteration of the widely popular smart phone and is very similar to the iPhone 11 from last year but with better cameras, an improved display, and faster 5G cellular data among other features.

How to make sure your ICAO flight plan doesn’t get rejected by ATC

The transition to the ICAO flight plan form for flights within the U.S. has been pretty seamless, but there are still some gotchas to be aware of when filing IFR. Here are some common routing mistakes that will cause your flight plan to get rejected from ATC computers.
Garmin D2 smartwatch

Using the Garmin D2 Air smartwatch with your iPhone

Garmin's latest smartwatch, the D2 Air, has been getting a lot of attention since it was announced in late September. While the watch can function as a standalone navigator (using the internal GPS and aviation database), it is even more powerful when paired with a smartphone. Here's what it can do.

ForeFlight 12.8 adds advanced map and logbook features

The latest ForeFlight update is relatively minor but includes some important additions to the logbook and aeronautical map screens. It also adds Pre-Departure Clearance support for pilots using Honeywell datalink services. Here's a quick review of how to use each feature after you update to ForeFlight 12.8.
Pivot case

New PIVOT cases fit multiple iPad models

For many years PIVOT has offered a line of iPad cases and mounts specifically made for the cockpit. In that time, they've won a loyal following among airline pilots for their rugged design and flexible mounting options. The company has recently released two new mounts that fit a variety of devices, making them more universal and more future-proof.