Should pilots buy an iPad with built-in GPS?

One of the most common questions we hear from pilots is whether it's worth upgrading to the iPad model with cellular data and GPS. Here we'll break down the options and help you decide which model is best for your type of flying.
Bose Connect

How to use the Bose Connect app with Bose ProFlight headsets

Like with most ANR headsets, the Bose ProFlight includes Bluetooth so that you can connect it to a phone or tablet and listen to music. The ProFlight is unique though in that it can interface with Bose's Connect app, which provides additional functionality to the headset. Here's how to set it up.

How To Connect ForeFlight To Microsoft Flight Sim 2020

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've probably been excited about the development and release of the latest revision to the classic Microsoft Flight Sim. But how can you use the new simulator with ForeFlight? Here we'll explain how to set up Flight Events to sync your iPad to your PC.

ForeFlight version 12.7 adds more 3D features and visual approaches

ForeFlight has maintained its relentless pace of updates in 2020, with this week bringing the eighth major release of the year. Version 12.7 builds on the 3D weather tools we reviewed earlier this month, plus adds enhancements to internet traffic, and traffic pattern entries. Here's a summary.

POH Performance: free flight planning apps for pilots

POH Performance offers free apps for the Cessna 172 and 182, Beech Bonanza and Baron and TBM turboprops and can assist with trip planning, weight and balance, takeoff/landing performance and IFR calculations.

How to use latitude and longitude in aviation apps

Even with all of our modern aviation databases, sometimes you just can't beat a lat/lon coordinate. Entering a set of coordinates in your favorite app is easy, but there are a couple of traps you need to avoid and not everyone reports lat/lon the same way. Let's review the basics of latitude and longitude and the different types of coordinates.

How to customize ForeFlight’s instrument panel on the map

There are countless ways to customize the map screen in ForeFlight based on the needs of each flight. Here we'll look at how to set up and customize the instrument panel data blocks displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Three simple apps for pilots to try

Most pilots are "married" to an electronic flight bag app like ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, or WingX. But sometimes less is more. With that in mind, here are three simple, inexpensive apps we've been using lately that are worth trying.

ICAO flight plans: how to set up aircraft profiles and equipment codes

Filing a VFR or IFR flight plan today is a breeze with today's aviation iPad apps, but entering all the required aircraft data to meet the ICAO requirements of the form can be a bit confusing. Here we'll break it down in plain English to help you understand each requirement.

How to use your iPad to scan aviation documents into ForeFlight or FltPlan Go

More and more pilots are going completely paperless in the cockpit, but that requires some paper documents to be scanned first. Fortunately, Apple includes some hidden capabilities in the Notes app, including the addition of a powerful scanner utility.