Instructair app helps connect pilots and flight instructors

Looking to schedule a flight review or earn a new certificate or rating, but can't seem to find the right flight instructor? The Instructair app can help, designed to match up pilots with CFIs based on flight objectives and aircraft type.
Stratus ESG

FAA reopens $500 ADS-B rebate program – key takeaways

The most frequently asked question we receive here at iPad Pilot News relates to portable vs. installed ADS-B equipment, and what type of hardware must be installed to be legal to fly in U.S. airspace after January 1, 2020. This is a complicated subject area, and unfortunately, there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer.

Garmin begins to integrate features

When Garmin bought and the companion Fltplan Go apps, it seemed like a complementary pairing - one company has strength in mobile apps and panel avionics, the other has strength in online tools and handling services. At NBAA this week, Garmin announced the first step on its road to integrating the pieces, and as you would expect they are pursuing the most popular features first.

App update roundup: Aerovie, FlyQ, FltPlan Go and iFly

The aviation app updates continue to roll out as we move into the fall flying season, with many adding support for the Stratus 3 ADS-B receiver and new feature enhancements. Here's a quick roundup of what's new in your favorite aviation app.

How to use the weight and balance features in ForeFlight

ForeFlight's weight and balance tool allows you to quickly analyze last minute loading changes and will alert you if any parameters are outside your airplane's envelope. To help you get going we'll show you how to use this feature to create a custom aircraft profile and work through a typical weight & balance calculation.

iPad screen protectors – which one is best for pilots?

Screen glare is a persistent problem for pilots flying with the iPad, but an anti-reflective screen protector can cut down on this significantly. To help illustrate its effectiveness, we installed MyGoFlight's ArmorGlas on a new iPad 9.7" on a bright sunny day to see how it did next to a 2nd iPad without a screen protector. releases new flight tracking app

The developers at recently released a no-frills flight tracking app for iPhone and iPad called FltTrack. This free app tracks general aviation flights in real time, showing flight time, delays, estimated time of arrival and location on the map.

New X-Naut cooling case introduced for iPad Pro 10.5″

We first reviewed the X-Naut Cooling Case in 2016, finding it to be a thoughtfully-designed solution to a persistent problem: overheating tablets in the cockpit. While the original two models accomodate the iPad Pro 9.7", iPad Air, and iPad Mini, there was no option for our preferred iPad model in the cockpit - the iPad Pro 10.5". Now the company has introduced a solution made just for that.

ForeFlight debuts new ADS-B weather products in version 10.4

Last month ForeFlight quietly released version 10.3, which primarily focused on improving speed, battery life, and overall app performance. This month's release, version 10.4, is all about new features, including the addition of several new ADS-B weather layers to the app.

How to preflight your iPad in less than 5 minutes

You'll want to create a checklist that works for your apps, accessories and your airplane. Customize it so that you'll actually use it before every flight. With that in mind, though, here's a basic checklist to consider that applies to most apps.