Top aviation apps for Apple Watch

There are lots of aviation apps that include Apple Watch apps along with their primary iPad/iPhone app, allowing you to access bite-size pieces of aviation data from your wrist. Here are our favorite apps to get you started.

AltitudeAlert adds vertical navigation (VNAV) feature

AltitudeAlert is one of our favorite supplemental apps and continues to add new features year after year. The latest update includes an in-flight VNAV planning feature that allows you to easily comply with IFR crossing restrictions and plan for comfortable VFR descents.

Garmin Pilot split-screen: reviewing all the options

One of Garmin Pilot's standout features is its robust split-screen menu. With the tap of a button, you can view the standard moving map screen alongside traffic, terrain, charts, and much more. It's that unique combination of powerful and easy to use, and we find ourselves taking advantage of it on almost every flight. Here's a look at all the options.

Quiz: Can you find the hidden flight planning data in ForeFlight?

While iPad apps like ForeFlight have consolidated all the flight planning resources in one convenient location, you have to know where to look in the app to find key data when planning a flight. Test your knowledge on some of these gotchas in our latest quiz.

How do different iPad models fit in an airplane?

Let’s consider seven different size devices in the same Cessna 172 cockpit to see what fits best. We mounted the iPads and iPhone in two ways: with a suction cup and with a yoke mount. We were able to mount nearly every device to the yoke with the exception of the 12.9” iPad Pro 3rd Gen.

Heads-up displays: what do pilots really want?

Since ADS-B receivers came out eight years ago, many pilots have been wondering what the next big thing would be. Might a less expensive HUD be the next addition to the electronic flight bag world?  We've been flying with various HUD ideas for years, and our short answer is: not yet. Here's why.

Using your iPad on a Caribbean flying trip

Today you can confidently navigate the islands with everything you need right on your iPad, including geo-referenced VFR and IFR en route charts, airport and airspace databases, synthetic vision and even ADS-B weather in certain spots. Here we're going to take a closer look at ForeFlight Mobile and Garmin Pilot, since they offer the most comprehensive resources for Caribbean-bound pilots.

ForeFlight 12.1 makes your flight planning smarter

One of ForeFlight's strengths compared to other aviation apps is its ability to take common flight planning data and present it in meaningful ways to help pilots make better-informed decisions. The latest update, version 12.1, continues this focus with three new features designed to help with route planning on the ground and reduce workload in the air when viewing datalink weather imagery.

Annual maintenance checklist for your iPad

Pilots trust the iPad because it is easily the most reliable and functional tablet available today. Even with this reliability, it's important that you periodically take time and dive deeper into your iPad's settings, apps and accessories to make sure everything is configured properly to ensure peak performance.

Garmin Pilot adds powerful IFR features with version 10

In the never-ending battle between ForeFlight and Garmin for electronic flight bag supremacy, the two companies have taken slightly different approaches. Garmin has played to its strength by making their Pilot app more and more like their panel avionics. The latest update, version 10, continues this trend.