Six ForeFlight Tips to Use on Your Next Flight

If you’re like most pilots, you’ve developed a comfortable relationship with ForeFlight on your iPad and can perform routine functions. Now it's time to go beyond this and learn six new tips to use on your next trip with ForeFlight.

New Robust Mount accessories expand mounting options

For the last six months, we've been flying with the Robust line of mounts in a variety of aircraft. As we mentioned in a previous product review, this collection of phone and tablet mounts offers excellent quality at surprisingly affordable prices. Until recently, the only options for a base were the standard yoke clamp and suction cup, but now there are three additional options.

7 settings all iPad pilots should know about

There are literally hundreds of settings in the main iPad settings app, which can make it difficult to sort out the useful ones from the clutter. Here we'll look at 7 important settings pilots should know about and adjust accordingly.

Feature focus: Garmin Pilot’s emergency mode

There are certainly important differences in how features are implemented in different apps, but there haven't been many truly new app features over the past few years. One exception is Garmin's Emergency Mode. It's simple, but thoughtfully designed and very useful. Here's how to use it.

How to use your favorite EFB app to save money on fuel

There's little question that the digital chart revolution and subscription-free ADS-B weather led to the iPad's success in aviation. But in addition to weather, today's iPad apps can also provide you with a wealth of data to assist in fuel planning.

How to preflight your iPad in less than 5 minutes

You'll want to create a checklist that works for your apps, accessories and your airplane. Customize it so that you'll actually use it before every flight. With that in mind, though, here's a basic checklist to consider that applies to most apps.

Flight Schedule Pro releases all new app for flight schools

Flight Schedule Pro is the industry-leading software platform used by flight schools across the U.S. The company recently released a new app that allows students and CFIs to schedule and modify airplane reservations and view all of their flight school's interactive lesson plans in one convenient location.

Pilot’s aviation app directory – 2019 Edition

iPad Pilot News has helped pilots discover over 100 quality aviation apps since the invention of the iPad in 2010. Here we've assembled a basic directory to help you locate and download them in the App Store. This certainly doesn't represent every aviation app ever created, but it highlights some of the most useful and most popular ones.

CloudAhoy version 6 adds new CFI Assistant

We've long considered CloudAhoy to be a hidden gem in the world of aviation apps. While it has a vibrant community of users, we think more pilots would benefit from its data-driven approach to flight training and proficiency. This week the company released a major update, with version 6.0 and a new Pro level subscription hitting the market.

Pilot’s Guide to iOS and IPadOS 13

Apple released the next major software update for the iPhone and iPad, bringing lots of new features and capabilities to both devices. As with any major iOS release from Apple, there are hundreds of updates and feature changes, ranging from an all-new Reminders app and a Dark Mode, to small Control Center tweaks that make everyday interactions more powerful. It's also much faster, offering significant performance improvements in everyday tasks like FaceID unlock and launching apps.