Understanding Sentry ADS-B settings

The latest generation of ADS-B receivers now offer subscription-free weather, traffic, GPS, backup attitude, pressure altitude and carbon monoxide monitoring. As the feature list has grown, the options and settings list has also grown. In this post, we'll walk through the various options for configuring your Sentry, so you can get the most out of your investment.
Robust mount

How do I mount my iPad in the airplane?

Securing your iPad while you fly is important for safety (to prevent your tablet from flying around the cockpit), but also for convenience (to keep it close by and easy to use). There are plenty of different mounts to choose from, but they aren't all universal. Which one is right for you? It depends a lot on the type of airplane you fly. Let's look at some examples.

New Get Started Learning to Fly course available in Pilot Training app

Sporty’s Pilot Training app has helped tens of thousands of pilots earn their pilot certificate, add new ratings, learn how to use a wide variety of advanced avionics systems and get checked out in new aircraft types. The latest update adds a new free Get Started Learning to Fly course, as well as lots of new content in the Instrument Rating and ForeFlight courses.

iOS Update Green Light program: iOS and iPadOS 13.5.1

Apple recently released a minor update for iPhone and iPad, version 13.5.1, which addresses security issues discovered in iOS 13.5.

Worried about battery life? Use Apple’s built-in utility

Pilots tend to focus more on optimizing the iPad's battery life than the average iPad user, since this is critical to keeping the device functioning in the airplane over the course of a flight. Fortunately, there's a dedicated utility in the main iPad settings to help shed some light on which apps are using the most power, possibly while running in the background.

How to keep your iPad from overheating in flight

Based on an iPad Pilot News reader survey we conducted, over 70% of respondents reported that they have had the iPad shut down on them at least once in flight due to overheating. This is by far the most common problem reported by pilots when flying with an iPad, but it can be prevented with a little bit of planning and preparation.

Coflyt app simplifies aircraft ownership and maintenance tracking

Coflyt allows aircraft owners to stay organized and track all engine/airframe times, inspections and maintenance using a well-designed app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Updated Aithre app adds voice-activated nearest airport lookup

We've flown with (and previously reviewed) the Aithre Connect app and its companion line of pilot monitoring devices. This free app connects to the company's carbon monoxide detector, pulse oximeter, and oxygen tank monitor, then provides real time status information and audio alerts. The latest version of this app adds new features that go beyond health monitoring, including voice commands.

Latest Garmin Pilot update adds night mode, document sync

The heavyweight fight between ForeFlight and Garmin continues. The same week ForeFlight released its biggest update in recent memory, Garmin unveiled their own app update, version 10.1. This is hardly the big overhaul that ForeFlight delivered, but it does offer some nice additions and thoughtful modifications to popular features.
Starr app

Starr launches “high definition” insurance app for pilots

Insurance might seem like a very conservative industry, one that would resist the march of technology as long as possible. That's true in some ways (ever faxed an insurance renewal form in after filling out the same information five times?), but a new app from Starr Aviation is a refreshing change. It offers pilots the option to purchase renter's insurance right from the app, and the ability to track flying skill over time.