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There are dozens of options for securing an iPad in the cockpit, from suction cup mounts to basic kneeboards. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, because every airplane has its own requirements and every pilot has their own preferences, but one of our favorite new options is the Flight Outfitters iPad Flight Desk. It combines a protective case, an in-flight organizer, and a flexible iPad kneeboard into one product. Pilots have the option to use it as a bi-fold flight desk, complete with a clipboard, or as a basic iPad leg strap. In this video, Sporty’s Doug Ranly explains all the features.

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    • David Smith
      David Smith says:

      Stefan, I was thinking the same thing. In that distance from the panel, not only can you not reach the rudder pedals, but there is no way that you could keep your hand on the throttle!

    • David Smith
      David Smith says:

      Hey Percy, not sure what stage you are in related to flying, student, private pilot, etc. But I will tell you that in time you’ll find you’ll need more than just a little back for headset(s). Example, in my bag these days are: Bose A20 Headset, 3 GoPro Cameras with mounts, checklists for various airplanes, Sentry ADS-B and mount, iPad Mount, E6B, Maps, Logbook case with required documentation like Medical, etc. So now I actually use a backpack.

  1. David Smith
    David Smith says:

    I will say that as an IT Professional as well as a Private Pilot I have been through a few iPads, mounts, straps, etc. I would caution any pilot that doesn’t fly using auto pilot about using an iPad holder where you have to continually look down and back up again. It can cause disorientation known as Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). I have settled in with the new iPad mini and a RAM mount that I suction to the side windshield. I use ForeFlight all the time and as I am now working on my Instrument rating, having the approach plate just off to my left (parallel to my field of vision) is perfect. I also use an Apple Pencil – again not having to continually look up and down.

  2. Jim S
    Jim S says:

    A cheap $19 knee board gets in the way of the yoke on my 172 and I only use it to take notes and hold a checklist. I’m always rotating it off to the right side of my leg. This is why I use a suction mount to the window to hold my iPad mini. It tucks out of the way, yet gives me line of sight access when I need it. With a quick tilt forward I can glance around the small blind spot .

    Flight Outfitters Lift Flight bag holds an A-20, knee board, iPad mini, suction mount, log book, flashlight & head lamp, Sentry mount, hand held radio, maps, and documents. I hang the Sentry off the side in a small cell phone case. The bag is right sized and very convenient.

  3. Keith
    Keith says:

    I don’t have enough clearance from my yoke, but might get something for my iPhone so that I can listen to bluegrass music, as suggested.

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