How To Connect ForeFlight To Microsoft Flight Sim 2020

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've probably been excited about the development and release of the latest revision to the classic Microsoft Flight Sim. But how can you use the new simulator with ForeFlight? Here we'll explain how to set up Flight Events to sync your iPad to your PC.

Coflyt app simplifies aircraft ownership and maintenance tracking

Coflyt allows aircraft owners to stay organized and track all engine/airframe times, inspections and maintenance using a well-designed app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

How airline pilots are using crowd-sourced in-flight weather on their iPad

Datalink weather is commonplace on just about all flights now, whether you're flying a Cessna 172 or Boeing 737. Many airline pilots also have access to an additional weather feature though, called the Turbulence Automated PIREP System. Here's how it works and what it could mean for GA pilots down the road.

ForeFlight releases version 12.2 – here’s what’s new

ForeFlight's latest update hit the app store today with some fun new features, including a new way to visualize instrument approaches in ForeFlight's simulated 3D environment.

AltitudeAlert adds vertical navigation (VNAV) feature

AltitudeAlert is one of our favorite supplemental apps and continues to add new features year after year. The latest update includes an in-flight VNAV planning feature that allows you to easily comply with IFR crossing restrictions and plan for comfortable VFR descents.

Quiz: Can you find the hidden flight planning data in ForeFlight?

While iPad apps like ForeFlight have consolidated all the flight planning resources in one convenient location, you have to know where to look in the app to find key data when planning a flight. Test your knowledge on some of these gotchas in our latest quiz.

ForeFlight vs. Garmin Pilot: Which mobile app is best for you?

You bought an iPad to use in the airplane and now it's time to make a decision on which app is best for your aviation chart and data needs. This thorough guide compares aviation's top 2 apps, ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot, highlighting the strengths of each and how they interface with datalink weather receivers.

Flashpass adds support for Canada, Bahamas and CARICOM

In addition to filing U.S. and Mexico eAPIS manifests, Flashpass can now take care of the required paperwork when flying to Canada, Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands.

Creating your own iPad proficiency review

As the old saying goes, "train like you fly, fly like you train." If you fly with an iPad, don't hide it during your training flights. Better to make it an integral part of your proficiency program, whether you're on your own or with an instructor, including what to do if it fails. Here's a suggested list of topics to cover.

How to use visual track log reviews and alternate airport planning in ForeFlight 11.5

ForeFlight's rapid-fire update streak continued this week with yet another big release, delivering several new features that continue to push the app's capabilities. These include a new visual track log debrief tool, alternate airport advisor, runway selector, expanded European chart coverage and SkyEcho 2 FLARM traffic support.

Garmin GTN Trainer updated with new navigation and weather features

Garmin's free GTN trainer was recently updated with the same new features found in the update for the actual panel-mount GPS system, including vertical navigation (VNAV), QWERTY keyboard, waypoint distance offset in the flight plan and new ADS-B weather products.

Pilot’s guide to mounting the iPad in the cockpit

Securing your iPad while you fly is important for both safety and convenience. Here we'll review the mounts currently available for the iPad Mini, Air and Pro, including which models work best in various airplane types and configurations.