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ForeFlight launches next generation Sentry ADS-B receiver

Now there’s a new top dog in the portable weather receiver market, with the introduction of Sentry Plus. While slightly larger than the original Sentry, it’s still a compact and lightweight device that easily mounts on a side window via a suction cup. In addition to popular features like datalink weather and traffic, Sentry Plus includes some thoughtful upgrades and performance enhancements. Here’s a look at some of the new features.


ForeFlight adds graphical en route NOTAMs in latest update

The latest update to ForeFlight is now available, version 14.4, and adds a variety of clever new features primarily focused on improving flight planning. This includes a new graphical NOTAM layer on the moving map and the ability to specify altitude changes for the active flight plan in the profile view.


Flying with ForeFlight and Garmin Flight Stream

Garmin’s connected panel system works seamlessly with ForeFlight, allowing you to send flight plan updates, ADS-B weather/traffic, GPS, AHRS and more from your installed avionics wirelessly to your iPad. Here’s a look at what components are required and how to use each of the features.


Five quick ForeFlight tips

If you’re anything like us, your favorite electronic flight bag (EFB) app has dozens of features that you don’t even know about, or perhaps you once knew about but have long since forgotten. That’s certainly true of ForeFlight, which has steadily added features over the last decade to become a truly comprehensive preflight and in-flight tool. Here are five features we recently “rediscovered” that are worth trying on your next flight.


How to find chart supplements and legends in ForeFlight

Some compromises are made when moving data that was initially designed to be displayed on a fold-out chart or book to an iPad app. In particular, it’s a challenge to integrate information like legends and chart supplements—some of which is critically important for pilots. Fortunately, ForeFlight still offers these supplements and supporting data, but you need to know where to look.


How to file an IFR flight plan in ForeFlight

After setting up some initial data in ForeFlight for you and your aircraft, filing an IFR flight plan takes just a few minutes. Here we’ll walk through the process step-by-step to show you where to enter the data and send the flight plan through to ATC.


ForeFlight Tip: Synthetic Vision and Glide Advisor

This week’s tip takes a look at how to use ForeFlight’s optional synthetic vision display in the app. This simulated view of the outside world displays ground features and terrain alongside the app’s digital flight instruments.


Which ForeFlight subscription plan is right for me?

ForeFlight now offers three main subscription plans: Basic Plus, Pro Plus, and Performance Plus. On top of that there are choices for geographic regions, and considerations for fleet operators. Which subscription is right for you? What are the pros and cons of each level? In this article, we’ll examine the key differences and offer a few opinions.


Quiz: ForeFlight badges, labels and alerts

ForeFlight is much more than just an airport directory and moving map on your iPad. It’s smart, always analyzing each piece of data you input and calling out errors or abnormalities you may have overlooked. Our latest quiz takes a look at some of these to help you better understand what is going on under […]


How To Connect ForeFlight To Microsoft Flight Sim

Out of the box, Flight Sim 2020 does not include settings for connecting an external device such as an iPad or iPhone, so a third-party plugin will be required. There are several third-party plugins available, and in this article we’ll cover Flight Events, fs2ff, XMapsy, and MSFSBridge. Here’s how to set up each of these plugins so you can practice your next cross country or RNAV approach with ForeFlight on your lap.