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How To Connect ForeFlight To Microsoft Flight Sim 2020

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've probably been excited about the development and release of the latest revision to the classic Microsoft Flight Sim. But how can you use the new simulator with ForeFlight? Here we'll explain how to set up Flight Events to sync your iPad to your PC.

ForeFlight version 12.7 adds more 3D features and visual approaches

ForeFlight has maintained its relentless pace of updates in 2020, with this week bringing the eighth major release of the year. Version 12.7 builds on the 3D weather tools we reviewed earlier this month, plus adds enhancements to internet traffic, and traffic pattern entries. Here's a summary.

How to customize ForeFlight’s instrument panel on the map

There are countless ways to customize the map screen in ForeFlight based on the needs of each flight. Here we'll look at how to set up and customize the instrument panel data blocks displayed at the bottom of the screen.

How to use your iPad to scan aviation documents into ForeFlight or FltPlan Go

More and more pilots are going completely paperless in the cockpit, but that requires some paper documents to be scanned first. Fortunately, Apple includes some hidden capabilities in the Notes app, including the addition of a powerful scanner utility.

ForeFlight 12.6 brings 3D weather view and overheat alerts

ForeFlight has always been strong in the preflight weather department, both in terms of providing forecasts that are hard to find online and in simplifying their display. Version 12.6 of the app takes a step in the direction of simplicity, plus adds a helpful iPad warning. Here's a review.

Two new webinar recordings: Advanced ForeFlight and iPad Proficiency

Sporty's Pilot Shop is in the middle of hosting its virtual airshow during the month of July, which includes a series of online events, webinars, product specials and entertainment available free to pilots around the world.
Track log

Sporty’s and ForeFlight launch “virtual poker run” with track logs

As part of its Virtual Airshow this month, an online celebration of aviation to help ease the pain of a cancelled 2020 AirVenture Oshkosh, Sporty's has partnered with ForeFlight to offer a virtual poker run contest. The goal is to encourage pilots to fly this summer, whether it's a local flight or a long cross-country, and then share it with others. One winner will be awarded a Sentry ADS-B receiver.

ForeFlight Advanced Features webinar

Join Phil Inman from ForeFlight for an in-depth look at the latest features in aviation's top app, from runway performance calculations to 3D airport previews to multi-tasking support.

ForeFlight adds runway hotspots, timer, street addresses to version 12.5

After a blockbuster app update last month, ForeFlight's June release is smaller in scale but still includes some nice additions. Here's a review.

Get the most out of ForeFlight’s track log feature

High on our list of under-appreciated features in ForeFlight is track logging. The ability to automatically record your flight and then replay them in the comfort of your home can make your flying more precise and make it easier to share a memorable trip. Here's an overview.