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ForeFlight buys debriefing app CloudAhoy—what comes next?

ForeFlight began as a pre-flight app and over time grew to become a powerful in-flight tool as well. The weakest (and, to be honest, least important) phase has been post-flight. That may change now that the electronic flight bag giant has acquired CoudAhoy, an innovative software company with robust flight analysis tools.


ForeFlight adds Airspace Alerts in latest update

ForeFlight released its first big update for 2023 and it includes a new in-flight airspace alerting feature that pilots of all experience levels will appreciate. The update also includes a few new power-user features, including NOTAM filters, plate/chart binder printing, airport rescue and firefighting information, Honeywell ADG integration and new Runway Analysis aircraft support.


Quiz: ForeFlight badges, labels and alerts

ForeFlight is much more than just an airport directory and moving map on your iPad. It’s smart, always analyzing each piece of data you input and calling out errors or abnormalities you may have overlooked. Our latest quiz takes a look at some of these to help you better understand what is going on under the hood.


What’s new in ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot

November and December are typically light months when it comes to EFB app updates and 2022 appears to be no different. Both ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot recently released minor updates over the past few weeks, each adding a few new features. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find in the latest version of each app.