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ForeFlight adds new fuel types and other improvements in latest updates

ForeFlight released two minor updates over the past few months, which added a handful of small improvements and features worth checking out. This includes new fuel type pricing, operational notes on the maps screen, favorite/recent route filtering, takeoff/landing performance summary and the ability to select a specific datalink radar source layer in flight.


Video: How to use ForeFlight to make your single pilot flying safer

When set up and used properly, your iPad and an aviation app like ForeFlight can serve as a digital copilot during all phases of flight, from preflight to landing. In this video, we’ll show how to take advantage of several of the smart features in Foreflight to help you make better decisions and use its flight monitoring capabilities to keep you out of trouble.


Customize your ForeFlight digital logbook

Digital logbooks have been around for many years, but ForeFlight’s introduction of this feature seems to have made it mainstream. More and more pilots are using the app to log flights and track currency, but there’s more to this feature than just basic flight logging. Here are eight ways to get the most out of your new logbook.


Video: ForeFlight advanced tips webinar

ForeFlight, aviation’s most popular app, has come a long way from the days of basic weather maps and digital charts. In this fast-paced webinar, ForeFlight product expert Josh Berman shows off some of the latest enhancements to the app and shares some advanced tips for getting the most out of the app. You’ll learn about the new downloads view, enhanced weight and balance, terrain advisor changes, weather forecast tools, and much more.


How to find NOTAMs in ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot

The preflight weather briefing has transitioned over the last decade from a Flight Service assisted process to self-service using online resources and mobile apps. Here we’ll show how to make sure you know where to find all pertinent NOTAMs when completing a self-briefing with both ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot.


ForeFlight simplifies aviation data and chart downloads

The latest ForeFlight update simplifies the chart and data download process, adds the ability to specify the elevation of a custom waypoint and adds a new setting to display the ruler and cockpit instruments in either Magnetic or True North. Here’s a look at how to use each of these new features.


Podcast: ForeFlight’s Tyson Weihs talks app development

ForeFlight is one of aviation’s biggest success stories, growing from a hobby to an industry-leading business in less than a decade. Tyson Weihs was there at the beginning, and in this episode of Sporty’s Pilot’s Discretion podcast, he shares some early memories and some lessons learned about aviation and business. He also explains how he uses ForeFlight both for pre-flight planning and for in-flight navigation, plus tips for using datalink weather to stay safe. 


ForeFlight launches next generation Sentry ADS-B receiver

Now there’s a new top dog in the portable weather receiver market, with the introduction of Sentry Plus. While slightly larger than the original Sentry, it’s still a compact and lightweight device that easily mounts on a side window via a suction cup. In addition to popular features like datalink weather and traffic, Sentry Plus includes some thoughtful upgrades and performance enhancements. Here’s a look at some of the new features.


Flying with ForeFlight and Garmin Flight Stream

Garmin’s connected panel system works seamlessly with ForeFlight, allowing you to send flight plan updates, ADS-B weather/traffic, GPS, AHRS and more from your installed avionics wirelessly to your iPad. Here’s a look at what components are required and how to use each of the features.