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Overlooked tools for learning about an airport in ForeFlight

Flying to a new airport can be an intimidating experience, but with a little time spent studying ForeFlight you can learn a lot and enjoy a safer arrival at Big City International. This means more than just checking the runway layout and the tower frequency, though; in recent years, a number of new resources have become available. Here are five to check out.


Quiz: ForeFlight map airspace features

Many pilots prefer to use ForeFlight’s interactive Aeronautical Map layer instead of a VFR Sectional, thanks to its ability to scale up and down based on the current zoom level. This layer is especially useful when flying in and around complex airspace since it allows you to customize what elements are shown on the chart. Take our latest quiz and see if you know how to get the most out of these advanced settings.


ForeFlight adds new ADS-B traffic safety features

The latest ForeFlight update adds new “Aircraft on Runway Alerts” to better get your attention if an airplane is on the runway while you’re on final approach, or if an airplane is on short final to a runway you’re occupying. The update also adds ADS-traffic breadcrumbs, day/night overlay on maps and baro-corrected pressure altitude.


Using the Flights tab in ForeFlight—pro tips

ForeFlight’s Maps page can be a pilot’s best friend, since it’s packed with visual planning tools and helpful information. But for experienced pilots, especially those who file IFR or fly high performance airplanes, the Flights tab offers a wealth of powerful features. Here are six that are often overlooked.


ForeFlight buys debriefing app CloudAhoy—what comes next?

ForeFlight began as a pre-flight app and over time grew to become a powerful in-flight tool as well. The weakest (and, to be honest, least important) phase has been post-flight. That may change now that the electronic flight bag giant has acquired CoudAhoy, an innovative software company with robust flight analysis tools.