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Jet departure planning now available in ForeFlight

ForeFlight’s latest update adds a new performance planning feature for jet pilots, called Runway Analysis. This quickly computes all required takeoff performance data, engine out performance, and landing data for the destination airport.


ForeFlight adds new Maps sidebar view in version 13.1

The latest update for ForeFlight is now available and includes a new Maps Sidebar feature to show additional information when tapping on a map feature. The update also adds support for airports using SayWeather reporting systems, the ability to rename PDF documents and improved organization for International Weather Imagery.


How to file an IFR flight plan in ForeFlight

After setting up some initial data in ForeFlight for you and your aircraft, filing an IFR flight plan takes just a few minutes. Here we’ll walk through the process step-by-step to show you where to enter the data and send the flight plan through to ATC.


ForeFlight upgrades traffic alerts in version 13

One year after the mandate, ADS-B Out has gone from a nuisance to a reality. Capitalizing on this new avionics environment, ForeFlight released new traffic features in version 13 of their popular app, making in-flight alerts more helpful. The app also offers an improved weather forecast view and a new approach minimums feature.


Quiz: Flying IFR with ForeFlight

Are you an active instrument pilot currently flying with the ForeFlight app? Take our latest quiz to test your knowledge on some of ForeFlight’s advanced capabilities.


How to use ForeFlight’s new scratchpad templates

Digital scratchpads have become an integral part of the paperless cockpit experience for many pilots, providing space to jot down notes, clearances and other important data needed during a flight. The latest ForeFlight update expands the app’s Scratchpad functionality with 3 new templates: takeoff briefing, landing briefing and IFR holding clearance. Here’s a quick look at each.


ForeFlight 12.8 adds advanced map and logbook features

The latest ForeFlight update is relatively minor but includes some important additions to the logbook and aeronautical map screens. It also adds Pre-Departure Clearance support for pilots using Honeywell datalink services. Here’s a quick review of how to use each feature after you update to ForeFlight 12.8.