Top 10 articles of 2022 at iPad Pilot News

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This was a big year for iPad Pilot News, as we celebrated our 10th birthday—practically a lifetime for an online publication. Back in 2012 the iPad mini was brand new, the iPod shuffle was still being made, and ForeFlight had just released their Documents feature. Today pilots are flying with portable supercomputers, datalink weather receivers, and maybe even satellite communicators. To track these trends in electronic flight bags, we published over 100 articles this year, many of them in response to reader questions. Here were the 10 most popular in 2022.

10. Which ForeFlight subscription plan is right for me? If you’re trying to decide between Basic Plus, Pro Plus, and Performance Plus, this article can help. It compares the key features and offers some suggestions depending on the type of flying you do.

9. Tips for using aviation apps with home flight simulators. In addition to being a lot of fun, flight simulators are an increasingly popular option for training. This article explains how to bring your iPad along on your next virtual flight and practice your app skills.

8. ForeFlight quiz: advanced map challenge. Always popular, our interactive quizzes offer you the opportunity to test your knowledge of aviation apps. This one covers the Maps tab and all the different features found there. Do you know all of them?

7. Top 20 apps for pilots—2022 edition. Every year we update our list of the most popular, most interesting, and most useful aviation apps. This year’s list includes plenty of well-known names, but also some smaller apps that have found a following.

6. Five quick ForeFlight tips. You know how to file a flight plan and navigate direct to an airport, but do you know how to find clearance delivery phone numbers or get a local weather forecast just by tapping on the map? You’ll learn those and more in this quick review article.

5. Top 10 aviation weather apps. Weather is a constant challenge for pilots, no matter how many hours you’ve logged. This top 10 list should offer some fresh ideas for improving your weather briefing and staying safe.

4. Top Apple Watch features and apps for pilots. The Apple Watch has come a long way since the early days; the latest models feature a built-in GPS, pulse oximeter, heart rate monitor, and much more. We explore what you can do with one in the air, and suggest some powerful aviation apps with dedicated Watch versions.

3. Maximize iPad battery life—charging, temperature, and storage. Keeping your battery charged and in good condition is the best thing you can do to improve the reliability of your EFB. This article reviews all the details and suggests some new habits for maximizing performance.

2. What’s the best iPad for pilots—2022 buyer’s guide. Eventually old iPads get too slow or simply quit, but choosing a replacement can be quite confusing with all the choices from Apple. Here we break down all the options, compare specs, and pick our winner for the best in-airplane tablet.

1. How to free up storage space on your iPad. It’s happened to all of us—the dreaded message pops up warning you that your iPad is full, meaning your chart database update or new app download will fail. This helpful article includes eight tips for freeing up space without deleting important apps, plus an option from Apple.