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Four new iPad accessories for pilots

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As any experienced iPad pilot knows, a few good accessories can make your tablet easier to use, more reliable, and more powerful. Here’s a roundup of some new products that fit that description, from mounts to charging tools.

X-Naut Cooling Case for iPad mini 6

Modern iPad models are incredibly reliable, but anything with a lithium battery can eventually overheat—just ask any pilot who’s flown in the Southwest in summer. For years pilots have trusted X-Naut cooling cases to prevent overheating (and thus an iPad shutdown in flight), and we’ve found them to be reliable and well made. The company recently released their newest model, made specifically for the iPad mini 6. This is a welcome addition as temperatures begin to warm up, since the mini 6 has quickly become the most popular tablet for pilots. With two quiet fans and a form-fitting case, the X-Naut won’t disrupt your cockpit, and four AA batteries will power it for over 10 hours. It’s compatible with both RAM and MyGoFlight mounting systems. Learn more

X-Naut case for iPad mini 6

Flight Gear 12/24V USB Slimline Charger

In addition to overheating, the other cause of iPad failure we’ve had over the years is pilot-induced: running out of battery. To combat this problem, we typically fly with multiple backup options, including charging plugs, battery packs, and spare charging cables. A recent addition to Sporty’s Flight Gear line offers backup power in a very small size. The Flight Gear 12/24V USB Slimline Charger works with all types of aircraft cigarette lighter plug, and has two ports for charging your portable devices, from iPad to ADS-B receiver. One is a traditional USB-A port that supplies up to 3 amps, while the other is a USB-C port with power delivery (PD) that is popular on newer, higher powered devices. There’s also a built-in screen to monitor the voltage and the amp draw on the USB-A port. Learn more

USB charger slimline

RAM Triple Suction Cup Base

For the ultimate in stability and flexibility, RAM Mounts now offers a triple suction cup/double ball base. This is not the smallest mount, but it provides serious holding power and includes two 1″ balls to attach multiple mounting arms. This is ideal for securing two devices at once, perhaps an iPad and ADS-B receiver, or a radio and a GoPro. The base is compatible with all RAM Mount parts, so just add two arms and the appropriate cradles for your gear. Learn more

RAM triple suction double ball

Flight Simulator EFB Desk Mount

More and more pilots are discovering that home flight simulators like Microsoft or X-Plane can be used for more than just fun; by connecting your EFB app to your sim, you can master ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot from the comfort of your home. This is perfect for learning the latest app features or practicing scenarios before you fly it for real. A new mount option from Robust makes this easier than ever—the adjustable clamp can attach to almost any desk or table, keeping your iPad easily in view while you’re flying the sim, and the adjustable cradle adapts to any size tablet (with or without a case). Learn more

Desk mount for tablet

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    spry10 says:

    The X-Naut’s practicality keeps going downhill- a micro-USB slot made some sense because they wouldn’t be able to license a Lightning jack, but now that the ipad mini6 uses USB-C, it seems really silly. Should have USB-C, or even better, do passthrough charging to both devices.

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