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Video: flying with portable weather receivers

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Datalink weather has the potential to make your flying safer and more comfortable—but only if you know how to use it properly. Join iPad Pilot News contributor John Zimmerman for an in-depth look at ADS-B, SiriusXM, and how to use them in flight. The webinar recording includes over an hour of practical tips for pilots of all levels.

Topics covered include:

  • Five essential rules for weather flying
  • Why datalink weather is always delayed
  • What’s the difference between ADS-B and SiriusXM?
  • How to choose a portable receiver—Stratus, Sentry, and Garmin
  • Avoiding IFR conditions, thunderstorms, and in-flight icing
  • Five real world scenarios that show these principles in action

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Learn more about weather with Sporty’s course: Aviation Weather—A Pilot’s Guide.

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  1. Larry Wickter
    Larry Wickter says:

    How are you supposed to watch the video when half the screen is blocked by ADVERTISEMENTS!

  2. Larry Wickter
    Larry Wickter says:

    Answer: by going direct to YouTube for it. I highly recommend this video; very insightful.

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