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New mount options for the latest iPad models

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Apple doesn’t make it easy to understand which iPad you have right now. The latest line of tablets on offer includes no fewer than five confusingly-named models:

  • iPad Mini 5 (7.9″ screen, 5th generation, A12 chip)
  • iPad (10.2″ screen, 7th generation, A10 chip)
  • iPad Air 3 (10.5″ screen, 3rd generation, A12 chip)
  • iPad Pro 11″ (11″ screen, 2nd generation, A12Z chip)
  • iPad Pro 12.9″ (12.9″ screen, 4th generation, A12Z chip)

Finding a mount or kneeboard that fits these new models can be equally confusing. Fortunately, there are good options for each of these five options, including a new one from RAM. Here’s a review.

RAM iPad cradle

RAM Perfect Fit cradles are available for a wide variety of iPad models, but do not work with cases.

The iPad Mini 5, a popular option for pilots due to its compact size and good screen, is the same exact dimensions as the iPad Mini 4. That means previous generation mounts all fit, including the RAM Perfect Fit Cradle and the Robust Universal Cradle. If you have an iPad Mini 4 mount, you’re all set. If you have an iPad Mini 1-3 cradle, you can keep the arm and base, but will need to buy the new cradle.

The latest model iPad (7th generation) is another good value but unfortunately it is slightly taller than the previous generation. That means a new cradle is required, but RAM has just released a new 10.2″ Perfect Fit Cradle for $27.95. The Robust Universal Cradle mentioned above also fits—in fact, it fits every model iPad ever made, even with thin cases on.

The iPad Air 3 flies under the radar a bit, being more expensive than the iPad or iPad Mini and less visually impressive than the two Pro models, but it’s a solid performer. In fact, it’s basically a new version of the old iPad Pro 10.5″ and it has the exact same dimensions. So if you have a cradle that fits that iPad or a kneeboard sized for that older model, no change is needed.

The latest iPad Pro models are the exact same size as the previous generation, so all the existing cradles fit (11″ model here and 12.9″ model here). One note here: the camera lenses are larger on the newest models so the cutout on the back of the mount may not align perfectly. This is a minor inconvenience in our opinion.

Most of these specifics apply to the custom-molded RAM cradles. If you’re flying with a RAM spring-loaded cradle, a Robust Universal cradle, or an MGF Universal cradle, your mount is much more flexible and you don’t need to be as concerned about the exact dimensions.

You can shop all iPad mounts here.

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  1. RVL
    RVL says:

    I would disagree with your iPad Pro 11″ 2nd generation statement :”the camera lenses are larger on the newest models so the cutout on the back of the mount may not align perfectly. This is a minor inconvenience in our opinion”.
    If you have a mount where you can use the iPad Camera to film your approach is an issue.
    Alsol being embossed the camera square will not fit well on someof the mount.

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