New MyClip Multi kneeboard fits huge variety of tablets

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An iPad kneeboard is one of the best investments you can make as a pilot, keeping your tablet secure and easy to read in flight. For many years, one of our favorite models was the MyClip, a simple but innovative leg strap that could accommodate wide variety of tablets. Now there’s a new option, and it’s even more universal.

The MyClip Multi features the same low profile design as the previous model, with two clips attached to an elastic leg strap. This is ideal for tight cockpits—we’ve flown it in center stick airplanes and helicopters, where there simply isn’t room for a bigger kneeboard—but it also works well in any airplane. It weighs almost nothing and rolls up for storage, so it won’t take up much room in your flight bag.

Besides its slim profile, the best part of the MyClip is its universal compatibility. The new Multi model will fit any device with a thickness of 0.85 inches or less. That means it will fit an iPad Pro 11″, an iPad Air 3, and older iPads. It will even accommodate most phones, including the iPhone 11 and Galaxy Note. Notably, the MyClip will fit most devices even with a large case (like a Lifeproof or Otterbox).

The two clips slide along the elastic band, but have different anchor points sewn into the fabric; to adjust from a large tablet to a phone, just slide the clips together. Once the device is inserted, tension holds the MyClip in place and soft rubber feet protect your screen from scratches. It’s a well-designed product that just works.

The MyClip Multi a great all-around kneeboard for almost any device. It’s also reasonably priced – available for $33.95.

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  1. Bob Redmond
    Bob Redmond says:

    The problem I see is it is not flexible. I do not want to take mine out of the protective cover every time I want to use it. Otherwise a good idea

    • Dave
      Dave says:

      As long as the iPad + cover is less than 0.85″ it should fit as-is, and need not be removed. Based solely on what this review mentions, I have not seen the product.

  2. Ross
    Ross says:

    I just purchased the new IPad mini gen 5 and assumed that my existing iPad mini 3 RAM Mount cradle would it it. I was wrong!
    I had to buy a new Cradle which covers the Mini 4 and 5.

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