Video tip – How to incorporate the iPad into flight training


Many students beginning their training often ask the question “is the iPad the right tool for me in my flight training?” To help with the decision, Dave Zitt, VP of Flight Operations at Sporty’s Academy, shares his thoughts on best practices for incorporating the iPad as an EFB when learning to fly.


  1. Thanks for these excellent suggestions. As a 49 year pilot now working on my CFI, I concur with your advice of learning the basics (mainly the old-fashioned way) first, but then making full use of the gps enabled wizardry offered by Foreflight and other apps. I’ve not yet made up my mind about having students use georeferenced taxi diagrams…though its probably no more distracting than looking down at a paper taxi diagram and mentally ‘following along’. What do YOU suggest?

    • As an airline pilot I use the geo referenced 10-9 everyday. We use a great side window mount so it is not distracting. Zoom works great and helps so much with situational awareness.

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