Video tip: Using the iPad as your digital copilot

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Pilots have lots of flexibility when it comes to integrating the iPad into the cockpit. Some prefer to use it as a basic digital chart viewer and airport directory, while power-users incorporate it in every phase of flight, from preflight planning to shut down. It can be especially helpful when flying single-pilot in challenging weather or in busy airspace, assisting you with IFR route planning, clearances, airspace alerts, traffic avoidance and surface monitoring while taxiing.

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  1. Thomas Piscitello
    Thomas Piscitello says:

    Although the information presented is very informative, the presentation is strongly biased toward Fore Flight and Garmin Pilot. It would most helpful if you’re going to discuss some feature, i.e. icing, turbulence, that you should show how the same feature is accessed in the other EFBs. As I watched the presentation, I mentally turned off most of the presentation in that I don’t use Fore Flight, so although, for Fore Flight users it’s a credible presentation. You should have qualified the presentation by saying upfront the presentation is for Fore Flight users, not ipad users.

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