LogTen Pro partners with Pilot Credentials for easy flight time updating

2 min read

It’s safe to say that electronic pilot logbooks have become the new norm, thanks to their ease of use, automatic backups, and powerful reporting features. Many of the popular EFB apps like ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot include a logbook feature right in the app, with advanced capabilities designed for today’s paperless GA pilots.

Professional pilots have a different set of needs though for tracking their flight time, and that’s where an app like LogTen Pro can come in handy. Not only can it track all the details of an airline pilot’s flights, but it also allows them to automatically import their flight schedules from over 100 airlines employers. It also tracks duty and rest requirements for FAR 117 and EU ops while on a trip to help quickly identify issues before they happen.

LogTen Pro is also a hit with those flying internationally since it comes with over 100 built-in high-quality reports including the ability to print paper logbooks that look just like the official formats for the USA, European Union, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, China, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand and many more.

The latest enhancement to the app comes from a partnership with Pilot Credentials, a website designed for pilots to create professional profiles and post current flight times. This allows pilots to match their current qualifications against the flight time minimums from air carriers looking to hire.

Airline recruiters also use the site regularly to seek out new hire candidates. One of the top things the airlines look for is how frequently pilots update their profile, which previously required tedious updates, in addition to keeping a primary logbook up to date.

With the new partnership and latest app update, LogTen Pro has made this process much simpler. In the share menu from the Logbook section of the app, you’ll now see a Pilot Credentials option. Tap this button, enter your username/password, tap the “update” button, and your profile on Pilot Credentials will instantly be updated with your current flight times from the app.

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