Stratus Power

Appareo introduces TSO-certified USB charging port

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Stratus Power

Stratus Power can be installed almost anywhere in the cockpit or cabin.

When Appareo first introduced the Stratus ADS-B receiver in 2012, it was the only product offered under that brand name. Since then, the Stratus family has grown to accommodate two portable ADS-B receivers and an ADS-B Out Transponder. This week at the Aircraft Electronics Association show, the company launched the latest addition: Stratus Power.

This is a simple but useful product, providing two permanently-installed USB charging ports for the panel. Both output 2.1 amps, so Stratus Power is perfect for charging phones, tablets, ADS-B receivers, action cameras, and any other electronic devices that charge off USB. It’s a more reliable option (and probably safer) than plugging multiple devices into a 40-year old cigarette lighter plug. It can also be located in a more convenient location than the cigarette lighter – some airplane owners have even installed USB ports at each passenger seat.

Stratus Power also removes a bit of a legal gray area. We’ve seen dozens of different charging setups over the years, ranging from impressive to truly frightening. While portable options like cigarette lighter plugs aren’t required to be certified, anything that is permanently installed should be. Stratus Power is fully certified to TSO-C71, so pilots can install it without worrying about breaking the rules.

Stratus Power

Stratus Power measures less than 2″ square, so it doesn’t take up much space.

This isn’t the first product to offer a certified USB charging port (we’ve reviewed other options in previous articles), but it does look very easy to install. While it seems like a minor point, the round shape means an installer can easily drill a hole into the panel and save time. The overall case measures 1.848″ x 1.848″ x 1.391″ and weighs 2.56 oz.

At $349, Stratus Power is hardly cheap, but it’s the least expensive option we’ve seen that is TSO-certified. It is made in the USA and comes with a two year warranty. Stratus Power is shipping now, and can be installed by any A&P or avionics shop.

Appareo has released a video that shows more information:


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  1. Jay Byers
    Jay Byers says:

    I currently use the cigar lighter receptacle in my 1973 C172 . When first started using the Pad in flight , I got a 2.0Amp bayonet charger , but it caused my ammeter to swing widely after 2 hours of flight , so I went back to my old 1.0A charger . The IPad doesn’t stay charged as long , but I know there is no damage to my aircraft alternator . Have heard of other older planes having the same issue, where it damaged the alternator.

  2. George
    George says:

    Hmmm, 2 amp causes amp meter to swing widely???? I believe I would check electrical connections! I have an older charging system 35 amp generator and a 35 amp regulator with my iPad and phone plugged in and fly across the eastern US and never have had an issue like you described unless I had a bad connection!

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