Custom-fit iPad Mini mounts now shipping

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iPad Mini Yoke Mount

RAM Mounts has introduced its EZ-ROLL’R Yoke Mount system for the iPad Mini.

The smaller size of the iPad Mini makes it better suited to cockpit mounting than the full size iPad, so many pilots are searching for the right mounting solution. Last month we covered some options, but a new mount style is now in stock that should be the most popular one yet.

RAM, the makers of the ubiquitous cockpit mounting systems, has introduced its EZ-ROLL’R cradles for the iPad Mini. These custom-molded cradles use a unique roller system at the top to snap the iPad Mini into place and hold it securely. This cradle then attaches to an arm via RAM’s patented ball joint system, which then attaches to the base (yoke, suction cup, etc.). We’ve flown extensively with the EZ-ROLL’R system and have found it to be quite stable, even in turbulence.

The two most popular versions of this mount are the suction cup and yoke mount kits, both of which are now in stock and shipping.

The only downside to these custom-fit mounts is that they cannot be used with cases or skins. If you use a case and prefer to leave it on during flight, consider the spring-loaded RAM mounts. These are more flexible cradles that can accommodate a variety of cases and accessories.

To build your own RAM mount, including the cradle, arm and base, check out Sporty’s RAM Mount Builder.

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  1. Ernie Webster
    Ernie Webster says:

    I recently bought your ipad mini ram yoke mount system. The problem I had was it covered some of the buttons. I had to dremel out some of the plastic to be able to use the device. Now I see you have a new product that addresses these issues. I feel like I now own a second rate unit.
    Would you consider trading the old style in for the new?

    • Shawn
      Shawn says:

      You must have not got the EZ-ROLL’R. They just started shipping these the other day so you must have some kind of universal setup??? Mine fits my ipad mini perfect. Ram makes top notch stuff. So what did you buy?

    • John Zimmerman
      John Zimmerman says:

      Ernie, I don’t think you have a second rate unit. That spring-loaded mount is still a great options–indeed it’s the only option if you want to use a case or a cover.

  2. Shawn
    Shawn says:

    You can tell by the picture here Ernie that the top where the buttons are is completely open. Did you put your ipad in upside down???? Or did you dremel something that was not there? LOL!

  3. Kent Magnuson
    Kent Magnuson says:

    I just added an X-Grip yoke mount on copilot side for the Mini. Put there, mostly, as moving map display for pax riding in seat. Looks like it will be ok for my access also. I have 2 cig lighter plugins on copilot lower panel to power a G696 on pilot yoke and the Mini or a phone charger.

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