Foreflight Mobile adds new Runway Proximity Advisor feature

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ForeFlight Mobile adds a new Runway Proximity alert feature.

ForeFlight Mobile 4.7 is now available for download from the App Store. This free update for existing subscribers introduces a new advisor in an effort to reduce runway incursions. The Runway Proximity Advisor is a visual and audio alerting feature that advises you when ForeFlight Mobile predicts your aircraft is approaching, entering, or crossing a runway.

Runway Proximity Advisor will display a visual alert and announce the name of the runway you are approaching, entering, or crossing. The advisor is always running while ForeFlight is open on your iPhone or iPad, and will display the visual alerts regardless of which section of the app you have open (and not just on the airport diagram screen). As you near the runway, the system will provide an “Approaching” alert. Upon entering the runway itself, the system will provide an “Entered” alert, and the it will speak the name of the runway for each alert. If the aircraft is not clearly at one particular end of the runway, the system will alert with both runway end names. For instance, it will say “02-20” instead of just “02”. ForeFlight Mobile is aware of hold-short locations and offsets (e.g. on high speed taxiways) for certain airports, resulting in more precise annunciations at those airports.

A Bluetooth aviation headset capable of utilizing the Bluetooth audio streams from iOS – such as the recently released Lightspeed Zulu.2 – is required for audio alerts. Headsets with an “aux in” port are compatible using a standard 3.5mm audio cable. If you are using a vibration-capable device, like the iPhone, the device will vibrate when audio alerts are given.

Runway Proximity Advisor was made possible through the FAA’s sponsored research of MITRE, which laid the groundwork for this helpful safety feature. ForeFlight enhanced the original deliverable by adding more airport coverage, corrections, and a commitment to ongoing maintenance of the underlying airport geospatial data that drives RPA.

Other features in the ForeFlight Mobile 4.7 update include seamless integration with X-Plane 10.11, scratchpad improvements, and the latest bug fixes. Check out ForeFlight’s blog for more information on these great new additions.

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