Apple announces iPad battery meets AC 120-76B standards


Apple recently updated their iPad battery safety certifications documentation to state that the iPad lithium polymer battery meets the testing and safety criteria required by Advisory Circular (AC) 120-76B, section 11.e. Specifically Apple states:

iPad features an advanced lithium polymer battery that provides up to ten hours of use. In addition to providing hours of use, the iPad battery has been designed to meet international safety certification standards. The iPad battery has been tested, certified, and complies with the standards listed below. These standards meet the safety and testing criteria set forth in the FAA Advisory Circular AC 120-76B regarding the airworthiness and use of portable electronic flight bags.

  • United Nations (UN) Transport Regulations UN38.3: Covers battery safety during air transport.
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) 2054: Covers safety of lithium ion batteries in general use; UL 60950-1 covers the use of batteries in information technology equipment.
The iPad uses a lithium polymer battery that can last up to 10 hours on a full charge.

AC 120-76B establishes operational guidelines required for EFB use (e.g. iPad) by commercial operators under part 121 & 135, and for those flying large multiengine turbojet aircraft (part 91F). While the majority of part 91 general aviation operators do not need to comply with AC 120-76B, there are quite a few good recommendations in this AC that pilots of all aircraft types will find useful. Check out our iPad Legal Briefing for Pilots for a plain language review of this AC and other regulations that pertain to the iPad and EFB use in the cockpit.


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