Use your iPad for aircraft transition & avionics training

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Sporty’s Pilot Shop last week released a new series of aviation training apps made specifically for iPhone and iPad. These apps are designed to help pilots transition to new aircraft types and avionics, and make use of engaging video training lessons, review quizzes, and FAA training manuals. The video lessons are broken down into individual segments, and make use of extensive in-flight video and 3D animations to help make the training both engaging and fun. After completing the video lessons, a review quiz is available to test your knowledge of the subject matter. And each app also includes the supporting digital FAA handbook (e.g. Helicopter Flying Handbook). All Sporty’s training apps are universal, meaning they’re optimized for both iPhone and iPad.

Sporty’s aircraft transition apps allow you to prepare for additional ratings while on the go.

Aircraft Transition Apps

Avionics Training Apps

To learn more about all Sporty’s apps, visit Sporty’s App Center.

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  1. Kayak Jack
    Kayak Jack says:

    Ummm, when I click on “You Want To Fly (type of aircraft), the site reports “BAD REQUEST”. The link isn’t established?

    • Bret Koebbe
      Bret Koebbe says:

      Kayak Jack, I just checked the links again and they all seem to be working properly. Are they all returning bad requests for you?

  2. Kayak Jack
    Kayak Jack says:

    Thanks, Brett. All of the render “Bad Request” except “Garmin releases GTN …”

    Something’s goofy, ehh?

  3. Kayak Jack
    Kayak Jack says:

    By the way, Bret, thanks for the series on iPads. I’ve learned something new and useful every time so far. Keep up the good work.

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