Having trouble viewing your iPad with night vision goggles? There’s a filter for that…

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This special filter allows you to view an iPad's screen while wearing night vision goggles.

It’s a scenario we’ve all experienced. You’re flying an ILS approach in the soup at night in a Cessna 172 wearing night vision goggles (NVGs), and you bring up the ILS chart on your iPad only to realize you can’t make out the chart details because the screen resembles a blinding bright light…

OK, so this really isn’t a problem for most pilots, but it does complicate things for EMS and law enforcement helicopter pilots who fly with an iPad and rely on NVGs during night operations. Fortunately, a new iPad NVG filter can take care of the issue.

A special material chemistry formulation allows optimal chromaticity, rendering a filtered display by absorbing near infrared energy that would otherwise impact night vision goggles. And this custom filter provides night vision compatibility in accordance with MIL-STD-3009 to the iPad. This ultra thin filter’s unique SafeTrack attachment method means you can remove and reapply without leaving residue on the display area. Problem solved.

You can check out this high-tech filter and buy it here: iPad NVG Filter

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  1. Tomas Rozar
    Tomas Rozar says:

    This is a great product however extremely over priced for the average joe, about 5x over priced.

    Reduce it to about $100 and see how many EMS and Law Enforcement pilots including my self will buy this product.

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