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LogTen Pro

LogTen Pro works on iPad, iPhone and Mac.

Since Microsoft Excel first appeared in the mid-1980s, pilots have been keeping track of their logbooks on computers. Over time, this grew from basic spreadsheets to dedicated logbook applications. These programs made it much easier to keep track of currency requirements like takeoffs and landings and instrument approaches. If you’ve ever filled out an aircraft insurance form, you know how valuable an electronic logbook can be.

But until recently, the options were fairly limited for iPad logbook apps. One of the first truly stand-alone logbook apps for iPad was LogTen Pro, and the app has continued to improve over the years. The latest version, LogTen Pro Universal, is the best yet, and works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. All logbook features are right in the app, so there’s no need to ever sync with your laptop or desktop computer.

Instant Setup

One of the nicest features of LogTen Pro is the fast setup. There are a number of pre-loaded configurations for general aviation pilot, airline captain, instructor, military and more. This is a real time saver, as the app will show or hide data fields and reports based on the type of flying you do. For example, there’s no point in tracking Part 135 currency if you’re a VFR Private Pilot.

These configurations don’t remove the ability to create custom fields, though. In fact, one of LogTen Pro’s real strengths is its ability to customize most parts of your digital logbook, including custom time fields, custom currency trackers and custom reports.

LogTen Pro Flights page

The Logbook tab is the place to log each leg.

Main features

The core features of LogTen Pro are shown as tabs at the bottom of the screen, and make it easy to navigate around the app.

  • Radar gives you a quick glance update on your status and currency, including total time, day/night/instrument currency, and much more.
  • Logbook is the place to log all your time and view detailed information about a specific flight.
  • Trips is especially helpful for professional pilots, and allows you to track per diem rates, deadhead, commute time and more.
  • Reports is the place to view summaries of your overall time, time in certain types, trends and currency.
  • Types, Aircraft and Places all allow you to save favorite aircraft and airports, making for fast data entry.
LogTen Pro signature

Sign your logbook in LogTen Pro.

Auto-fill for common fields

The main benefit of an electronic logbook is in time-saving, and that goes for flight logging as well. After some initial setup, you can log your latest flight in seconds with LogTen Pro. You can keep a list of favorite aircraft and favorite airports, so choosing those is just a tap away. And with some intelligent auto-fill rules, you don’t have to enter the same time over and over again (say, for total time, complex time, retractable time, etc.). There’s even an automatic calculation for night time.

Rich logbook entries

Logging your flights doesn’t have to mean just airport IDs and Hobbs time. LogTen Pro allows you to write detailed notes about each flight (great for students or instructors) and even attach pictures to an entry. With the iPad’s built-in camera (iPad 2 and 3), this is incredibly easy to do, and a fun way to make your logbook equal parts legal document and aviation scrapbook.

Digital signature

Here’s something that was previously impossible with a digital logbook–instructors can literally sign a student’s logbook, right on the iPad. This makes LogTen Pro a practical replacement for all paper logbooks, even for primary instruction and recurrent training.

LogTen Pro radar screen

The Radar tab provides key info at a glance.

Detailed reports and printed logs

LogTen Pro includes over 80 reports that make your data easy to understand, including FAA 8710 forms, currency reports and duty time tracking. Plus, your flight time can be displayed in a variety of charts. This is one of the app’s strongest points–if you have a question about your flying, it can probably be answered with a few taps on your iPad’s screen. No more smudged entries or math mistakes.

But even with a powerful logbook app, there are times when a printed logbook makes sense–especially for job interviews. LogTen Pro allows you to print authentic logbook pages  in multiple formats.

More info

LogTen Pro is a universal app, and is available for $79.99.

28 replies
  1. Gerhard Sontheimer
    Gerhard Sontheimer says:

    The app can still not print PDF documents. And it can not backup (and restore) the data you enter into a separate database. In case the iPAD configuration gets cortupt and the Apple iTunes restore wont do it all yur data are gone.

  2. Noah Lieberman
    Noah Lieberman says:

    Hi Gerhard,
    To clarify, iOS does not provide a feasible system for creating the large multi-page PDF’s required for a logbook report. To print or create a PDF we generate the report and then you can share it to my.logten.com and view it in a web browser on any computer! Then you can print or make a PDF as you like.

    Regarding backups, if you sync your data with LogTen Pro on another device it’s a full backup. E.g. if you use LTP on iPhone and iPad or Mac each device has all the data and can restore any other. If you turn on iCloud backup all your data is backed up to the cloud, and every time you sync with iTunes your data is backed up to iTunes as well. In addition you can generate an export report and simply email yourself a standard tab delimited text file which can be opened with Excel or Numbers, or if every device you have is lost in a fire all at once, you could send it to us and we can restore your data from that text file and send it back to your device(s). 🙂

  3. Alberto Betancourt
    Alberto Betancourt says:

    I already have LogTen Pro for iPad 1.2.2 (1204) and I would like to buy the new version LogTen Pro Pilots logbook for iPad version 6.0.5.
    My question is if I can transfer all my information without loosing information? And which is the procedure to import my information?

  4. Erle Pereira
    Erle Pereira says:

    My query is similar, I have log ten pro 1.2.2 (1204) I would like to upgrade to log ten pro ver 6, but not sure if my logbook data could be transferred, so require any help or information on the same

  5. sifiso masuku
    sifiso masuku says:

    coradine support, where are you? nighttime data entries do not reflect on the logbook. yes, the program was downloaded few days ago, it’s the latest update. the multi-pilot tab on types is on. i am at my wits end.

  6. Capuassu
    Capuassu says:

    I have both a MacBook Pro and an iPad2. Is there any existing package where I could buy in one go the LogTen Pro for my two devices?

  7. Eugene Loock
    Eugene Loock says:

    Capuassu, I had a similar question. Unfortuntately one has to purchase LTP separately for each unit, Mac, iPad and iPhone. It will cost $100, $80 and $50 respectively. Pricey in fact. I hope that Coradine will rethink this strategy and come up with a solution for a package deal. Also, why all the emailing back and forth to transfer data and create PDF’s? User friendly is key here.

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      While still pricey, the iOS app for $80 is Universal and will work fo both iPhone and iPad. You do not need to spend an extra $50 for an iPhone version. A package deal would be nice, but I can see why there would be difficulty with that since they are sold exclusively through the App Store.

      Also, I believe the emailing for data transfer is only in regards to updating from much older versions of LTP.

  8. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    I am presently using Polaris AeroLog 2, can the data from that program be converted into a format useable in your software? 30 years of records!

  9. Gerhard Sontheimer
    Gerhard Sontheimer says:

    LogTen Pro could be turned into a truley useful and trusty application. Just add Export/import of the database for backup & restore operations, maybe even export to different formats, and Print to PDF/send email. But coradine has not responded so far so there is little hope they ever will.

  10. Matthew Davison
    Matthew Davison says:

    RE: Switching over from Logbook Pro and ADPL

    I recently had my PC die and am not pleased with the need to pay Logbook Pro a second time to get a Mac version of their program.  My question is… If I buy Logten for my iPad (synced to my Mac), will I be able to import data from an archived copy of my (PC-formatted) Logbook Pro?  I also have an extensive portion of in-synced data on a (pocket PC-formatted) ADPL program which I had previously been in the habit of importing into Logbook Pro.  I understand that I am asking you about a solution to an issue with another company’s programs, but I prefer to think of it as offering you an opportunity to sell me on Logten’s ability to be a solution to my logbook needs.  

    Any help that you can offer in this matter, would be most heartily appreciated.  

    M. Davison

    • John Zimmerman
      John Zimmerman says:

      Matthew, you can import from an archived copy of Logbook Pro – once you purchase LogTen Pro, you can contact the support team at [email protected] who will help with the import to LogTen for iPad from their logbook pro archive. Unfortunately you cannot import from APDL.

  11. steve
    steve says:

    Can this app automatically add 0.1 for taxi time? The flying i do in the military, we always add 0.1 to our up and down times to account for taxi time.

  12. Michael Meharg
    Michael Meharg says:

    Hi, have purchased LTP Universal for iPad and iPhone. Just want to confirm that this one app purchase will allow me to sync between LTP on my iPad and iPhone without me having to purchase another version?
    Also, is there any way of importing data from my old log book by Andersson Digital Design?
    Many thanks,
    Michael Meharg

  13. Willem
    Willem says:

    Good news! Received this from support yesterday:

    From: Jeremy Smith (Support staff)
    Subject: Syncing via iCloud

    Thank you for contacting our support team. I’m happy to say that we have found that iCloud has become much more stable and we are very close to having it ready for LogTen Pro. Our developers have got the majority of the work done and we are now going through the process of thoroughly testing it. We hope that it is made available in the app store very soon!

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Best regards,
    Jeremy Smith

  14. Jason Wadley
    Jason Wadley says:

    One problem with the LTP Universal. You cannot customize a column header in a report. So those Jeppesen columns in the logbook that allow you to write in your header and track will not work. Therefore printing a logbook report page is useless unless you hand write that column. Kind of defeats the whole process. LAME!!! Going back to manual logbook.

  15. Chalkie Stobbart
    Chalkie Stobbart says:

    I bought your App about 2 years ago and later deleted it as I could not manually enter column totals for the 100 various types on my license. I have now reinstalled LogTen Pro and need to know how to enter column totals.

    I tried entering all types an logging hours, but fear I will end up with 18 000 hours one a single day!

    So how do I enter all data from my previous electronic logbook?

  16. Robert
    Robert says:

    I find this App to be cumbersome and tedious to use. They’re (LTP) trying to be all things to all pilots…and as a result, in my case (high-time, several types, lot’s of tail-numbers), the time spent fooling with the program is not worth it.

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