New iPad EFB approval program available

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Sporty's iPad approval program makes it easy for flight departments to transition to the iPad.

Sporty’s iPad approval program makes it easy for flight departments to transition to the iPad.

As we’ve previously discussed in the iPad Legal Briefing for Pilots article, the majority of general aviation pilots can use the iPad as a legal replacement for paper charts without the need for specific FAA approval. However if you’re flying a large airplane (more than 12,500lbs) or turbine-powered airplane governed by Part 91, Subpart F, or if you’re flying as a fractional or an on-demand, Part 135 operation, you’ll need formal FAA approval. And gaining approval for your iPad as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) is a time-consuming and complicated process.

To make this task easier, Sporty’s is now offering a new service to help pilots and flight departments transition to a paperless cockpit. Sporty’s Easy Approval for iPad is a complete, hassle-free solution for FAA approval of your iPad as an EFB and paper chart replacement. Sporty’s expert team will guide you step-by-step through the approval process and provide required documentation, training and operational guidance.

Sporty’s Easy Approval is for 2nd generation iPads and newer (including the iPad mini) utilizing Foreflight Mobile. Approvals are for Class I EFB authorization with Type A and B applications. Sporty’s Easy Approval includes:

  • Detailed description of approval process & plan for execution
  • Customized cover letter specific to your flight operation
  • Templates & Checklists for initial evaluation and assistance on completion
  • Operational Procedures (General Operations Manual (GOM) content)
  • Comprehensive Training Program, Testing & Documentation
  • Supplemental Flight Deck Checklists
  • Portable Electronic Device Non-interference Testing Guidance
  • Rapid Decompression Testing Data
  • Plan & Templates for flight line evaluation

A standard application for approval is $799 and includes up to four aircraft and training for 20 pilots. Unlimited GOM updates are included as well as one custom update if necessary for approval. Additional customization is available upon request. For more information or to apply for this service, visit Sporty’s Easy Approval for iPad page. For general inquiries about the program, contact Eric Radtke at [email protected].