New Airborne Radar training app

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Airborne Radar gives pilots the confidence avoid hazardous weather when using onboard radar systems.

Airborne Radar gives pilots the confidence to avoid hazardous weather when using onboard radar systems.

The effective use of airborne weather radar is essential to anyone flying radar-equipped aircraft. Most seasoned professional pilots will admit, though, that there has always been a lack of adequate weather radar training. The mantra has always been, “fly the airplane, and figure it out as you go.” While this style of on the job training may work in a two-pilot airline crew or corporate aviation environment, it doesn’t help the GA pilot much when transitioning to larger, radar-equipped aircraft. Fortunately, a new Airborne Radar training app is now available for iPad that can help solve this problem.

Airborne Radar is an interactive app that consists of 26 learning modules and contains over 3 hours of instruction. It includes detailed lessons on thunderstorm theory, airborne radar theory, airborne radar techniques and an analysis of weather-related accident case studies.

Colorful graphics help illustrate key concepts, and interactive touchscreen radar controls allow you to practice what you learned. You’ll drag items, turn knobs, and interact with radar and thunderstorms, all from the comfort of your iPad. Each module concludes with a review quiz, and after finishing all the lessons you can take a 50 question Final Exam to help reinforce the material. After completing all the modules pilots are also eligible for FAA WINGS credit.

Airborne Radar is available for $99.99 and can be downloaded here.

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