Pre-flight your iPad with this helpful checklist

It only takes a minute or two to preflight your iPad, and doing so ensures that it will be ready and fully functional. Here we've assembled a simple checklist for you to follow before each flight.

iPad troubleshooting techniques for pilots

While the iPad has delivered excellent reliability since the day it came out, there are still a few issues that can pop up if you're not careful. Here we'll review potential problems and how to resolve them.

Set up iCloud to track a lost or stolen iPad

Apple includes a free service that allows you to track down a lost iPhone or iPad. Here we'll show you how it works and how to set it up a free account to use this feature.

5 quick iOS 7 tips for pilots

The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 7, has been available now for a few weeks. Once you get comfortable with the basics, there are some advanced tips that can help you customize your iPad and operate more efficiently.

What you need to know about the iOS 7 upgrade

iOS, the base operating system that drives Apple's iPad and iPhone, is getting a major upgrade with the release of iOS version 7. In this article, we'll explain how to do the update and offer some tips for navigating the new software, including a helpful video.

How to configure iPad wireless settings during preflight

It's important before each flight to properly configure the iPad's wireless radios, especially when using a Bluetooth or WiFi accessory. Here are our recommended wireless settings for various iPad and accessory combinations.

iPad legal briefing for pilots

The number one question we get from new iPad pilots concerns the legalities of using an iPad to replace paper charts in the cockpit. Here we'll cover the applicable FARs and Advisory Circulars related to this topic.

Control your iPad like a pro

The iPad incorporates four different physical controls in addition to the main touchscreen display. Here we'll show you all the ways you can use them to take full control of your iPad.

The iPad 1 is dead; long live the iPad Mini

While many high end gaming apps long ago abandoned the iPad 1, ForeFlight, WingX and Garmin all officially support it to this day. That's admirable, but we don't expect that to last, for two reasons.

iPad memory management – how to free up storage space

Learn how to access the iPad's memory management settings, and how to free up space when the internal storage fills up.

Caring for your iPad battery

One of the most under-appreciated features of the iPad is its fantastic battery life. But there are a number of things you can do to improve the performance of your iPad battery and keep it in top working condition.

Customizing Garmin Pilot map overlays

With the release of version 5.0, Garmin Pilot has staked a serious claim to the title of most powerful moving map features. But to get the most out of Garmin Pilot, you need to know how to set up the various moving map options. Let's review the key features.