New training programs available for ForeFlight pilots

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ForeFlight’s capability as an electronic flight bag software application has transformed the iPad from a basic tablet computer into an required piece of avionics for many pilots. Because of its importance to each flight we’re trained to treat it just like any other airplane component, which requires a routine preflight check before each trip, verification to ensure databases are current, and thought given to “what-if” scenarios if the battery were to run out or the screen goes blank.

Another important consideration for iPad pilots is to make sure you fully understand and know how to use the aviation apps running on your iPad. Apps like ForeFlight are more capable than most panel-mount avionics and require time and practice for pilots to learn how to use the app effectively in the cockpit.

Fortunately there are a wealth of training resources available to help with this process. Even if you’ve been flying with ForeFlight for several years, you’ll find it worthwhile to go through these programs as a form of recurrent training to learn how to take advantage of the latest features.

Flying with ForeFlight Training Course
Sporty's Flying with ForeFlight course is packed with real-world scenarios and tips.

Sporty’s Flying with ForeFlight course is packed with real-world scenarios and tips.

This comprehensive training program from Sporty’s Pilot Shop contains 90 minutes of HD video to guide you through each section of the ForeFlight app. It goes beyond the information in the pilot’s guide to show you real-world tips and in-flight scenarios to provide practical lessons on how to use the app.

The program also explores iPad legalities, how to preflight the iPad and tips for using ADS-B receivers with ForeFlight for in-flight weather and synthetic vision. The course includes a review quiz to test your ForeFlight knowledge, and a printable iPad checklist for preflight preparation.

Flying with ForeFlight covers up through the current version 7.2 of ForeFlight, and is available as an Online Course or iPhone/iPad app. You can explore a demo of the Online Course here.

ForeFlight Training Videos

ForeFlight recently produced a collection of online training videos to help pilots familiarize themselves with the app based on seminars presented at aviation events across the country. The two featured videos are the ForeFlight 101 Beginner Tutorial, and the ForeFlight 201 Advanced Course. You’ll also find several videos dedicated to mastering the weather features in the app presented by ForeFlight weather expert Scott Dennstaedt.

You can access these and other ForeFlight training videos from the company’s dedicated Training Resources page.

FFM training


Use ForeFlight with a Flight Simulator

After taking one of the ForeFlight courses mentioned above you’ll find it helpful to practice your new skills by connecting your iPad to a home flight simulator program to fly with the app in the comfort of your home. Here’s a complete how-to guide on how to set this up: How to Use ForeFlight with Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane.

FF Flight Sim

General iPad Training for Pilots

Looking to learn more about iPad basics and getting started with the tablet in the cockpit? Check out our iPad Pilot News collection of training videos covering iPad 101, Advanced iPad, ADS-B weather/traffic and the iPad, Flight Training and the iPad, and much more here: iPad Pilot News Training Videos.