Garmin Pilot adds new color themes and ETD calculator

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The latest update to Garmin Pilot is now available in the app store and adds a few new convenience features to improve your experience in the app. This includes a new light color scheme, the ability to flight plan based on pre-determined arrival time and improvements to the Database Concierge wireless update capability. Here’s a quick look at where to find each.

Light Color Scheme

Most software applications use a “light” color scheme as the default style and then include the option to enable a “dark” mode if the user prefers. Garmin Pilot has taken the opposite approach over the past decade and solely presented the app in a “dark” user interface, matching the look and feel of their installed and handheld avionics systems.

The latest update adds the option to switch to a new “light”, which many find easier to view on an iPad in a bright cockpit:

To make the switch, select More > Settings > General, and select the option for Light Theme under the General Settings section.

ETD Calculator

Most pilots focus on the departure time when planning a flight since this is the required field in most apps and flight plan forms. The reality is that the arrival time is really more important, but we have to work backward to figure out the departure time for the flight planning form based on the conditions of the day. The latest update in Garmin Pilot takes care of that math, with the addition of an ETD calculator.

You’ll find this button directly under the Departure Time field on the Trip Planning page. Simply enter the time you’d like to land at the destination airport, press the Set button to confirm and Garmin will automatically enter the time you need to depart in the Departure Time field:

Database Concierge

The last update streamlines the interface on the Database Concierge page. This feature allows you to connect your iPad to a GTN series navigator with a Flight Stream 510 data card to wirelessly update your navigation databases.