ForeFlight send Flight to Logbook

Using the Flights tab in ForeFlight—pro tips

ForeFlight's Maps page can be a pilot's best friend, since it's packed with visual planning tools and helpful information. But for experienced pilots, especially those who file IFR or fly high performance airplanes, the Flights tab offers a wealth of powerful features. Here are six that are often overlooked.

Tips for using aviation apps with home flight simulators

Are you stuck at home and separated from your airplane, or just experiencing an unlucky stretch of bad weather? The good news is, you can still fly at home and stay current with your favorite aviation apps using the latest flight simulators. Here's a deep dive into settings, add-on software, flight sim controls, and app settings.

How to plan a flight around thunderstorms using ForeFlight

One of the major weather hazards pilots have to deal with this time of year is convective weather and resulting thunderstorms. This article takes a deep dive look at the resources available in ForeFlight to help you plan a flight around these weather hazards.
iPhone control center

How to customize the built-in Control Center on your iPad or iPhone

The hidden Control Center screen remains one of the most useful features on iPhone and iPad, allowing you to quickly access commonly-used settings and apps. It's especially useful during iPad preflight, allowing you to quickly optimize wireless and network settings before takeoff without the need to leave your EFB app.

Five tips for flying with the iPad at night

The days of holding a mini-Maglite in your mouth and shining it down on a paper sectional are gone thanks to the iPad's backlit screen. But just because the iPad solves part of the night lighting equation doesn't mean you can just hop in the airplane and start using it the same way you do during the day. Here are five things to consider the next time you go flying at night with your iPad.

The role of the iPad in preventing runway incursions

The national news coverage of recent near-miss incidents at busy airports has brought runway incursions back into the spotlight. Here we'll take a detailed look at how pilots can use ForeFlight and an iPad to increase situational awareness and decrease the likelihood of being a runway incursion statistic.

How to use ADS-B traffic when flying with a portable Sentry receiver (video tip)

Portable ADS-B receivers provide subscription-free weather and traffic information to pilots, displayed on mobile devices like iPad or iPhones. Here we'll take a look at how to use the traffic display and alerting features when flying with a Sentry portable ADS-B receiver and ForeFlight.

Annual maintenance checklist for your iPad

Similar to the routine of having your airplane undergo an annual inspection, we recommend that you take the time to review the following items once a year to keep your iPad, apps and accessories performing at their best.

Guide to filing an IFR flight plan in ForeFlight

After setting up some initial data in ForeFlight for you and your aircraft, filing an IFR flight plan takes just a few minutes. Here we'll walk through the process step-by-step to show you where to enter the data and send the flight plan through to ATC.

How to use the AHRS, CO monitor and flight data recorder on Sentry Plus (video tip)

The Sentry line of ADS-B receivers from ForeFlight are best known for their ability to receive subscription-free datalink weather and traffic, but they can do so much more. In our latest video tip, we'll show how to use three advanced features in Sentry Plus: the attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) for backup attitude, carbon monoxide detector and alerts, and the automatic flight data recorder and replay.

How to make sure your ICAO flight plan doesn’t get rejected by ATC

The transition to the ICAO flight plan form for flights within the U.S. has been pretty seamless, but there are still some gotchas to be aware of when filing IFR. Here are some common routing mistakes that will cause your flight plan to get rejected from ATC computers.

Top 10 mistakes iPad pilots make

The way we move from beginner to expert is by trial and error. Along the way, many of us made some mistakes with the iPad and aviation apps. Here's our list of the 10 most common ones.