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Understanding ADS-B traffic: when does it work?

Portable ADS-B receivers for the iPad (like the Sentry, Garmin GDL 50 and Stratus 3) can receive ADS-B traffic in addition to weather. But unlike weather, which is broadcast continuously, traffic is only transmitted in certain cases. This can make ADS-B traffic very confusing—when does it work and when does it not work?

Eight iPad settings all pilots should know

The Settings app was fairly basic when the iPad was first released in 2010, providing control of the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless radios, screen brightness and email account settings. Ten years later it has evolved into a collection of hundreds of settings, with multi-tier menus that can make it difficult to find what you’re looking for. Here are 8 pilots need to know.

New slimline iPad kneeboards—universal fit, low price

Our never-ending quest for the perfect iPad kneeboard has turned up a new contender: the Slimline Rotating Kneeboard from Flight Gear. This simple, no-frills kneeboard is (as the name suggests) small and unobtrusive in the cockpit—perfect for the pilot who’s worried about a kneeboard interfering with the yoke during takeoff and landing. At only $22.95, it’s also one of the least expensive iPad kneeboards we’ve seen.

GPS outages—how ADS-B receivers can protect against jamming

Portable ADS-B receivers like Sentry are must-have devices for many pilots, delivering subscription-free weather that helps make better in-flight decisions. Beyond datalink weather, many pilots have also discovered the value of having a portable ADS-B receiver as a backup. There’s another level of redundancy that most pilots don’t consider, though: GPS failure.

Lightspeed launches new app for Delta Zulu headset

Lightspeed Aviation has long been a leader in headset technology for pilots: they were the first to offer a Bluetooth audio connection and their FlightLink app was the first to offer customizable headset options in an iOS app. Now there’s a new app, called simply the Lightspeed App, and it has been released to pair with the all-new Delta Zulu headset. This makes it easy to monitor carbon monoxide levels, create custom audio profiles, and record in-flight communications.

Customize your ForeFlight digital logbook

Digital logbooks have been around for many years, but ForeFlight’s introduction of this feature seems to have made it mainstream. More and more pilots are using the app to log flights and track currency, but there’s more to this feature than just basic flight logging. Here are eight ways to get the most out of your new logbook.

Video: complete iPad charging kit

When you’re flying long cross-country flights or variable routes due to challenging weather, it pays to have an orderly way to charge electronics. In fact, a depleted battery is one of the few issues we’ve ever had with an iPad. That’s why we love this new charging kit—it provides everything you need to keep all your devices topped off, from iPad to iPhone to ADS-B receiver.

How to wirelessly update panel avionics with Garmin Database Concierge

Keeping your panel avionics updated with the latest databases is essential for both safe and legal flying, but that’s not always an easy task. If you have a glass cockpit, you might have up to five avionics to keep updated—that’s a lot of data cards and downloads. Garmin set out to solve this problem about six years ago when they introduced Database Concierge, a wireless update option that uses your iPad. Here’s how it works.

Video: ForeFlight advanced tips webinar

ForeFlight, aviation’s most popular app, has come a long way from the days of basic weather maps and digital charts. In this fast-paced webinar, ForeFlight product expert Josh Berman shows off some of the latest enhancements to the app and shares some advanced tips for getting the most out of the app. You’ll learn about the new downloads view, enhanced weight and balance, terrain advisor changes, weather forecast tools, and much more.