Flight Outfitters Centerline kneeboard

Flight Outfitters updates popular iPad kneeboard

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Flight Outfitters has been making iPad accessories for close to a decade now, and we’ve always been impressed with their thoughtful design details and rugged construction. This month they introduced the latest generation of their flagship iPad kneeboard, now called the Centerline Kneeboard, with some smart updates.

The Centerline is available in two sizes to fit iPads from the mini all the way up to the iPad Pro. It includes a main section to hold your iPad securely in place, a left side pocket that’s perfect for charging cables or cleaning cloths, a right side pocket that accommodates a stylus or pen, plus a fold-down ledge that’s ideal for either your phone or a note pad. We love this detail—brought back from an older model—because you can easily use another app (like an E6B or music app) or you can scribble notes if you like the reliability of pen and paper.

Flight Outfitters Centerline kneeboard

The iPad attaches to the kneeboard with a new silicon holder. This stretches to fit different size iPads, including those with a thin case (larger cases like an Otterbox are a little too thick). This is a lower profile method of holding the iPad that blocks less of the screen, and a nice upgrade. Also notice that the drop-down ledge can be zipped up when not in use.

iPad attachment

The iPad holder also rotates, so it’s simple to change from landscape to portrait orientation. The rotating mechanism has enough friction that the iPad doesn’t slide around in turbulence.

FO kneeboard landscape with notes

The Flight Outfitters Centerline Kneeboard includes a thick elastic leg strap and a non-slip underside to keep it securely in place, and comes in a carrying case. It is available for $69.95 for the iPad mini and $74.95 for the iPad/iPad Air/iPad Pro.

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  1. James Hutches
    James Hutches says:

    Just got this this weekend and it feels really sturdy and secure. The zip down pocket is great with a ledge that holds your phone or a note pad and if it gets busy you can zip it up.
    I have a thin case on my Ipad so I was surprised that it held that just fine.
    Great kneeboard!

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