iOS Update Green Light program: iOS and iPad OS 14.6

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Apple recently released iOS and iPad OS 14.6, which adds support for Apple Credit card family sharing, podcast subscription support, improvements to AirTag tracking and several bug fixes (see the full list of updates in the release notes below).

As with any iOS release, we recommend holding off on updating until your app or accessory developer has had time to fully test compatibility with the new version.


Click here to view the iOS 14.5.1 iOS Green Light guidance

What’s new in iOS 14.6

Apple Card Family
– ‌Apple Card‌ can be shared with up to five people, including anyone 13 years or older in your Family Sharing group
– ‌Apple Card‌ Family adds support for families to track expenses, manage spending with optional limits and controls, and build credit together

– Subscription support for channels and individual shows

AirTag and Find My
– Lost mode option to add an email address instead of a phone number for AirTag and Find My network accessories
– AirTag will show the partially masked phone number of the owner when tapped with an NFC-capable device

– Voice Control users can unlock their ‌iPhone‌ for the first time after a restart using only their voice

This release also fixes the following issues:
– Unlock with Apple Watch may not work after using Lock ‌iPhone‌ on Apple Watch
– Reminders may appear as blank lines
– Call blocking extensions may not appear in Settings
– Bluetooth devices could sometimes disconnect or send audio to a different device during an active call
– ‌iPhone‌ may experience reduced performance during startup

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  1. Fiona Manonn
    Fiona Manonn says:

    iPad Pro 2020

    Good for Artists and those who like to play games.

    Gaming – Works fine with my Xbox one controller while playing games.

    Apple Pencil – Bought Apple pencil (second generation) separately though, cost me 10,500, drawing and taking notes is a completely different experience on this.

    Performance is I can say its a beast, no lag, screen’s butter smooth, camera’s good (don’t expect to be a professional like one with 11 Pro Max, anyhow iPad is not meant for photography.

    Lidar Sensor – seems to be useful in AR, nothing apart from AR. But AR’s visibility has increased a lot, thanks to Lidar.

    The battery is too good, I got a backup of 9 hrs on a continuous usage with screen brightness adjusted to 80%.
    Idle time is you get 2 to 3 days of backup (anyhow who would leave iPad remain idle though)

    Overall its a beauty

  2. Allan Smith
    Allan Smith says:

    Is there any update on testing for Jeppesen Mobile FD? The dashboard has not been updated for nearly 2 weeks (2 June 21).

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