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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could check which runways and instrument approaches are in use at your destination airport before takeoff? Or prepare for unique taxi operations or ATC procedures at your departure airport before actually getting to the airport and tuning in the ATIS from your airplane?

Now you can right from your iPhone or iPad, thanks to the simple but effective ATIS App on the app store. This free app pulls the Digital ATIS (D-ATIS) messages for over 75 airports across the U.S. and displays them in the app. You can set favorite airports for quick access, and set one default airport to automatically load when the app is launched. While you can find D-ATIS info from other sources and apps, this one is the quickest to access and doesn’t require a user account.

Since the initial release last year, ATIS App has been improved with an easier-to-use interface, dark mode option and allows you to set multiple favorite airports.

Download the free ATIS app here.


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  1. TR Bietsch
    TR Bietsch says:

    From just a sampling on my ipad it appears that this app serves only larger towered airports with digital ATIS. For example in norcal I can get SMF, but not CCR, SAC, CIC, SQL, in Socal I can get ONT, but not CRQ, SEE, RNM and more. Your app has limited value for the GA pilot.

    • Willie Ross
      Willie Ross says:

      It mentions that only 75 airports are covered, butt little surprise that smaller towered fields are, for now, omitted

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