Basic Aerobatics Course

Pilot Training app grows to 27 courses with new aerobatics training

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Sporty’s Pilot Training app (available for both iOS and Android devices) has grown dramatically over the last few years to become a comprehensive aviation library for any pilot interested in improving their flying skills. The latest addition is a new aerobatics course from well-known airshow pilot Patty Wagstaff, which dives into the exciting world of loops, rolls, and spins.

Basic Aerobatics Course

Basic Aerobatics is available on a wide variety of devices.

Basic Aerobatics is volume 2 in a planned series of courses from Wagstaff (we reviewed volume 1 here), and goes into more detail on three fundamental maneuvers for any type of aerobatic flying. The course includes over an hour of HD video, most of it in a Super Decathlon over the beaches of St. Augustine, Florida. Wagstaff explains every maneuver step-by-step, complete with helpful animations and tips for better technique. She also answers frequently asked questions and provides solutions to common errors. The result is more than just a how-to, as viewers get some pro tips and helpful ideas for staying out of trouble. 

It’s worth mentioning that Basic Aerobatics shows each aerobatic maneuver two ways: for airplanes with and without an inverted fuel and oil system. This makes it a valuable training tool whether you’re flying a high performance showplane or an RV-series airplane.

The video really sets this course apart, particularly the split-screen segments. These show all the common maneuvers from multiple angles at the same time, so you can see the view out the front, along the wing, and how the controls are being moved. Five 360-degree video segments also allow you to direct the camera view; it really feels like you’re riding along in the back seat.

Beyond the great video, Basic Aerobatics includes some helpful reference documents, including representative airplane flight manuals, helpful advisory circulars, and IAC competition sequences.

Basic Aerobatics is available for $99.99, while Intro to Aerobatics (the first volume in the series) is available for $49.99. For the ultimate in aerobatics training, you can get both courses as a bundle and save $20. Both courses work on iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and online web browsers.

Watch a video preview here: