Intro to Aerobatics course

Pilot Training app adds new aerobatics course from Patty Wagstaff

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Sporty’s Pilot Training app continues to grow as an all-in-one aviation learning resource, with the addition of two new courses in 2020 already. This week’s update adds an all-new aerobatics course hosted by well-known airshow pilot Patty Wagstaff, bringing the total number of courses to 22.

Intro to Aerobatics course

Like all Sporty’s courses, the Intro to Aerobatics course works on multiple platforms.

Intro to Aerobatics is aimed at anyone who is interested in airshows, aerobatic maneuvers, or high performance flying in general. The wide-ranging course includes video segments on the history of aerobatics, different types of aerobatic airplanes, physiological concerns, Aresti diagrams, and tips for creating a show routine.

Then Patty demonstrates all the maneuvers in her Extra 300, complete with supporting animations and the multiple camera angles. A basic section includes loops, rolls, spins, Cuban eights, Immelmanns, Split Ss and more. Then the advanced maneuvers section dives into some extreme airshow options like the avalanche, tail slide, and Lomcevak. One of the highlights is a 360-degree video section, which allows you to pan around the cockpit by tilting your iPhone or iPad. It feels like you’re riding along for an aerobatic routine, and it’s a great use of mobile technology.

Watch a video demo of the new course below:

In January, Sporty’s added a new Garmin avionics course to the app that covers the GTN 650 and 750 navigators, including the latest Xi versions. The GTN Essentials 2.0 eLearning Course is the fifth Garmin course in the Pilot Training app and it brings the pilot’s guide to life with videos, animations, and valuable tips. It covers all the essential features, from flight plan management to IFR procedures. Three scenarios show typical features in a high altitude, mid-altitude, and helicopter flight.

You can purchases access to any of the 20+ aviation training courses right from Sporty’s website, including the Intro to Aerobatics course ($49.99) and the Garmin GTN Essentials course ($125). You’ll gain instant access to all the course platforms for one price, with no expiration: