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New dual USB charger is perfect for the cockpit

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For pilots using a tablet as their primary chart reference, keeping an iPad charged isn’t just a convenience – it’s a safety of flight issue. Fortunately, there are a whole host of solutions that can keep your battery topped off; unfortunately, many were developed for cars and not airplanes. As we’ve learned the hard way, not all of these “good deals” work in the demanding environment of an airplane cockpit.

Aviation-specific products (like those from Appareo and Garmin) have started to appear over the last few years, and are excellent performers. The only drawback is that they  typically require installation and often cost well over $200. We’ve recently been testing a new option that is made for aviation but is both inexpensive and portable. It has some nice upgrades over previous generations too.

Dual USB charger

Both USB plugs put out 3 amps, ideal for iPads and iPhones alike.

The Flight Gear Dual USB Charger is a compact cigarette lighter plug, shaped like many other charging plugs. There are three key differences, though, that make this our new favorite charging accessory.

It’s universal. Most airplanes have 12V cigarette lighter plugs (even those with 28V electrical systems), but some put out 24V or even 28.5V. This automatically disqualifies most car chargers. Conveniently, the Flight Gear model will accommodate a wide range of plug voltages. We’ve tested it on everything from 12V Cessna plugs to 28.5V Pilatus plugs and we’ve had good results them all. No more thinking – just plug it in and go.

Dual 3 amp plugs. Here’s another handy feature that eliminates thinking. While iPhones are happy to charge off a 1 amp plug, iPads and ADS-B receivers all need 2.1 or 2.4 amps to charge properly. Again, inexpensive car chargers often have either no high amp plugs or only one, so you’re constantly searching for the one labeled “2 amps.” Both USB ports on the Flight Gear USB Charger are 3 amps, so you can easily charge an iPad and a Stratus at the same time. Even the latest iPad Pro models can charge off this plug at full speed.

Built-in screen. This is something we’ve seen on a few models, but with varying success: a built-in screen right on the front of the charging plug that shows real time system status. This one delivers just what pilots need, and it also has a pivoting arm that allows the screen to be tilted 45 degrees, which is helpful in tight cockpits. When you plug in the charger and the airplane’s electrical system is on, you’ll see the current voltage being put out by your cigarette lighter. This is a good way to monitor the status of your battery, or at least your plug. You’ll see the screen blink if it drops below 12V (for 12-14V airplanes) or is between 18 and 24 volts (for 24-28V systems).

Charging plug amps

The screen alternates between showing amps (2.6 here) and volts.

Once you plug into the USB ports, the screen also cycles through the amps being drawn by your devices as well. This is a great way to confirm that your iPad is getting its 2+ amps, and you’ll notice it automatically charges an iPhone at the lower rate of about 1.3 to 1.5 amps.

We’ve flown a number of flight with this charger, in a variety of aircraft, and so far it has worked well with a slew of portable devices, including iPad Pros, an older iPad, Stratus ADS-B receivers, GoPro video cameras, and inReach messengers. Notably, there has been no avionics interference, a common problem with cheap chargers. The charger even has some handy aviation reference information printed on top, including suggested IFR and VFR cruising altitudes.

The Flight Gear Dual USB Charger is now shipping, and is available for $18.95. We consider it an essential item for any flight outside the traffic pattern.

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  1. John
    John says:

    Does this charger actually put out 3 amps on each port if BOTH ports are being used? In other words, it would have to be a 72 watt charger. Thanks

  2. Reed Usrey
    Reed Usrey says:

    Is the LED display legible in daylight ??

    The previous similar charger offered by Sporty’s works fine as a charger, except the LED display is too dim to read in daylight… only good at night which is disappointing to say the least !!

    • Richard Gallaher
      Richard Gallaher says:

      It works in the car far better than any other car chargers I have. And it does read the correct current and battery voltage for the car too.

  3. Billy
    Billy says:

    Having a dead iPad is not a safety of flight issue.

    The product in the link below High-speed Multi-charger P/N: 010-10723-17 by Garmin has been supplied with transponder bundle kits (GTX-335, GAE-12, GA-35 antenna and High-speed Multi-charger) since 2018.
    It’s available to purchase separately.
    It’s not “well over $200” for installation, as stated in the article above.
    It is dual voltage: 10-30v 5.4A max

    The only thing I see new here is the display and the price (comparatively) which is note worthy. But lead off comparing this to some installed products seems a little disingenuous. Probably would have been a more appropriate comparison of similar products without the display that have been on the market for at least two years prior.

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