ForeFlight releases version 12.3 – here’s what is new

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ForeFlight continued its monthly update trend with another new release for April. Just like the previous updates for 2020, ForeFlight v12.3 adds a set of four new features designed to improve your experience planning and flying with the app. Here’s a quick look at where to find them and how they work.

Arrival Time Planning on Flights

When planning for the departure during a cross-country flight, the typical flow is to first decide what time you’d like to arrive at the destination, and then work backward to calculate what time you need to depart. ForeFlight now gives you the option to skip this task by allowing you to plan the trip based on your preferred estimated time of arrival (ETA) at the destination in the Flights section of the app.

Simply change the toggle from ETD to ETA and select the time you’d like to arrive, enter your route and altitude data, and ForeFlight will work backward to use the appropriate departure time in its calculations, navlog and flight plan filing. You’ll then see the computed departure time listed at the top of the screen in your local time zone in the header under the airport IDs.

This method is completely optional and you can still enter your flight plan using the traditional ETD method if preferred. Arrival time Planning is available with ForeFlight Performance plans.

Interactive Extended Centerlines

One of our favorite qualities in aviation EFB apps is their dedication to making important data easily accessible when the workload is high in the cockpit. The latest improvement extends this capability in ForeFlight to allow you to quickly view runway details by tapping on the extended centerline number marker right from the Maps screen.

First, make sure you have extended centerlines enabled from the main map settings dropdown (they will only show for airports in the active flight plan). Then, tap the runway number at the end of the centerline to view complete information about that runway: distance, wind components (calculated from internet or ADS-B data), runway lighting details and available approaches.

At the top of the box, you’ll see options for “Select Runway” and “Straight In”. “Select Runway” accomplishes the same task as if you tapped the destination airport bubble from the Route Editor and selected it, highlighting the final approach path in blue and placing blue chevrons over the actual runway depiction. “Straight In” adds a 2NM final approach course to your route.

SID/STAR Aircraft Types

Many IFR departure and arrival procedures are designed for fast, turbine-powered aircraft descending from the flight levels into busy terminal airspace. To streamline the selection process, ForeFlight will show aircraft type restrictions in the Airports > Procedures list for SIDs and STARs.

Marked Positions

The last new feature, called Marked Positions, allows you to drop a pin on the map while en route, to mark a point of interest for review when back on the ground, or to comply with position plotting requirements.

First, enable this feature from the Maps screen by selecting the Settings drop-down menu and turning on the Marked Positions option. This will display a new round pin shape button just above the flight log record button at the bottom left of the screen.

You can then use this pin button when in the air to create a new marker for your current location on the ground. This automatically captures the current time, your coordinates, GPS altitude, and ground speed, and allows you to add notes, rename the marker, or change any of the preset values besides time. Tap Save to add the marker to the map. If you don’t specify a name for the marker, it will be named for the time that it was dropped.

Marked Positions automatically disappear from the map 15 minutes after landing, but any marked positions made during a recorded flight will be included in the flight’s Track Log for later review.

You can also save any marked position as a User Waypoint for future navigation use. When viewing the details of a marked position, press the edit button at the top right, scroll to the bottom of the window and select “Save as User Waypoint.” Marked Positions are available with ForeFlight Performance plans.

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  1. Michael Flanagan
    Michael Flanagan says:

    Never used ForeFlight When I was flying. What I always wished for was to be able to put in the Departure airport Destination airport what AC and ETD and when the distance exceeded the fuel/distance would pick out a number of airports along the route so I could pick one for refueling and file flight plans from that airports based on Time of arrival at each intermediate airport considering if IFR/VFR, winds aloft ect.

  2. Randy Welch
    Randy Welch says:

    I have version 12.3 but the only update I notice is the interactive runway centerline feature. Do I have to pay $100 more to plan to arrive at a certain time or see type restrictions on SIDs or STARs or mark a position on a map?

  3. Dan
    Dan says:

    I am currently running the latest version of ForeFlight that is available via the APP store (v12.3). I am not able to make or even find the “Marked Position” option selection in the MAP settings drop down. I am also not able to see or select the destination ETA selection in the FLIGHTS planning menu. Can anyone tell me why?

  4. Dan
    Dan says:

    I should also state that I am using the ForeFlight Basic Plus USA plan of ForeFlight. Are these features only available in the more advanced and more expensive “Pro” plans?

    • Bret Koebbe
      Bret Koebbe says:

      Yes, the Marked Positions feature requires a ForeFlight Performance Plan. The article has been updated to reflect that requirement.

    • Brett West
      Brett West says:

      Yes, I agree Fred, everything should be free in aviation. Free SR22’s, free fuel anywhere, free insurance, just grab any hangar that has space, and of course Sportys should allow us all to just grab anything we want in their store. (satire)

  5. Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson says:

    You can sure tell Boeing owns ForeFlight now. Have to jack up the revenues to pay for the 737 MAX debacle, right?

    • Dave Williams
      Dave Williams says:

      No. more likely to pay for the foreflight acquisition. Typical process, sadly. Expand the market or increase the pricing model are their choices.

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