Six quick video tips on ADS-B receivers

1 min read

Portable weather receivers like the Sentry from ForeFlight and the Stratus 3 from Appareo are essential parts of many pilots’ flight bags. These all-in-one avionics systems deliver subscription-free weather, ADS-B traffic, GPS position, and backup attitude to an iPad or iPhone. They are easy to use, with just one button and no wires, but there are some things to know for best performance. This new series of videos offers quick tips for anyone flying with a Sentry or Stratus, and is especially helpful for new owners.

Sentry video tips

The first step when using Sentry is to connect it to your iPad. Here’s how to do it, including multiple devices:

Sentry’s most innovative feature is a built-in carbon monoxide detector. ForeFlight allows you to test that alert from the app:

ForeFlight also makes it easy to update the firmware on Sentry, improving performance and adding features over time. Here’s a review of that process:

Stratus 3 video tips

Similar to Sentry, pilots can connect multiple devices to Stratus via WiFi. Here’s a review:

Firmware can also be updated on Stratus over the WiFi connection:

When troubleshooting, it can sometimes be helpful to perform a factory reset. This changes all device settings to the initial ones and reboots the device: